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Alamo Bowl Open Thread

Three Keys to the Game:

  • Can Michigan keep the Nebraska pass rush off of Chad Henne?
  • Can Michigan run the ball well enough to keep the defense honest and lend play-action passes credibility?
  • Can the Michigan defensive line disrupt the Nebraska passing offense while the secondary shows off that inviting zone that it has perfected?
Three Things to Look for:
  • Is Michigan attempting to attack the middle of the field more than usual?
  • Is Michigan attempting to blow Nebraska off the ball or are the blocking schemes and runs designed to emphasize finesse?
  • Is Michigan attempting to get up the field with its pressure on the edges when playing defense?
After the game, we can discuss the answers and what they may mean.

The same mostly anonymous internets hype machine that brought you such hits as Michigan-as-third-ranked-team at the beginning of this season, Michigan-to-open-up-the-offense this season, and 1997-caliber-defense last season is getting heated over the practice performances of Kevin Grady, Chad Henne, and Steve Breaston. Just an FYI.

Prediction: Michigan 27, Nebraska 21