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Michigan Football: Big XII-North Eligible

I am currently trying to get out from underneath a tidal wave of delusion, vomit, anger, disappointment, hatred, and everything else horrible that comes with being obsessed with our always torturous Michigan football team. More ideas, analysis, and words will come later as the emotional tide recedes and I can again breathe the sobering air of perspective. Until that time, here are some numbers. Draw your own conclusions.

Oh, and by the way: How many losers does Lloyd Carr have to lose to? Mason? Brown? Callahan? Willingham? The players change; the results don't...

2005 Nebraska Stats

  • Average Points Per Game: 24
  • National Scoring-Average Rank: 76
  • 2005 Alamo Bowl Points Scored: 32
  • Average Rushing Yards Per Game: 91
  • National Rushing-Yards-Average Rank: 110
  • 2005 Alamo Bowl Rushing Yards: 153
  • Teams that managed to beat Nebraska in 2005: Texas Tech, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas
  • Teams that didn't: Maine, Wake Forest, Pittsburgh, Iowa State, Baylor, Kansas State, Colorado, Michigan
2005 Michigan Stats
  • 2005 Halftime Leads Blown: 5
  • 2005 Fourth-Quarter Leads Blown: 6