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Sicker Than Your Average?

I'm gonna have to get back to some real writing this weekend, but work (and things like the Jimmy V Classic and the office holiday party) has been killing me. My apologies to all.

So Michigan won last night. Again. This is getting boring mildly exciting. If you shoot 60% from the field, 50% from behind the arc, and out-rebound an opponent by more than 20, you can turn the ball over 17 times (!) and still win by 20. I am not sure how Michigan will look against real teams that can realistically hope to play some strategically broadcasted games on the later weekends in March, but learning how to win and winning the games that you're supposed to win are both valuable things. So I'll take it. As some dumbass message-board poster would likely wonder while killing time in between self-righteous, poorly reasoned pro-Tommy posts, "Where're all the Tommy haters now?" (Answer: hoping for the best and waiting to render judgment.)