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Earth Still Turning; Laura Quinn Still Nasty; Buckeyes Still Cheating

You'll never believe this, but the Pope is still praying, too. What else is new?

According to Deadspin:

We don't want to overstep our bounds here -- no, really -- but we've been hearing a pretty persistant (sic) rumor in recent days concerning the Ohio State football program. If the rumors are true, be on the lookout for potential sanctions against the Buckeyes, with the offenses ranging from taking tests for athletes to unauthorized payments (from whom we're not sure; boosters, maybe).

In an even more potentially damning rumor, perhaps for all parties, the NCAA actually uncovered these violations and decided on punishment BEFORE the season started, but, according to a couple of sources, didn't want to mess with television schedules. Hence, the delay.

When you're done suffering from the pain of betrayal--how could a reputable institution like the Columbus Prison for the Mentally Challenged do this to us?--get ready for the disingenuous indignation that all those troglodytic idiots from Ohio are going to bombard us with. This is all a media conspiracy; the media are out to get us.

Yeah, because Buckeyes don't break laws or cheat.