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Vince Young Is the Best Team Ever!!!!11!1!!!11!

At least he has to be, right ESPN? You fucking idiots....And by the way, I just spent ten minutes looking for a link to the feature about how USC compares to the all-time greatest teams in college football, and I could find nothing. Just the latest example of ESPN's over-produced, under-thought transformation into monopolistic plague.

Oh, and I guess we can now start a club: Players So Transcendent That They Can Win National Titles with Coaches Who Otherwise Can't. I think Charles Woodson is the president of the club and Vince Young is now the vice president. What an amazing player. I can't see why he'd come back to college for another season. To win the Heisman? That seems almost secondary now that he's won a national title and shown up Reggie Bush (at least for one night).