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Lloyd's Tactics Are Working. Unfortunately.

Please take a moment to mourn the passing of one of the great names in the history of Michigan football: Mister Simpson is transferring.

Not all that happy to be buried on the depth chart behind Mike Hart, a should-be fullback, two freshmen, and a formerly apostate aspiring rapper, Simpson is transferring to Cincinnati, in his hometown.

If you'll recall, the transfer-paper gambit is something Lloyd Carr has been employing with increased frequency. Looks like the joke's on him, now. (Not really, though: seems like Simpson initiated this move.)

The upshot: One more scholarship is suddenly available for a doughy three-star offensive lineman that will excite zero recruitniks and probably live in West Quad. Or maybe a big-time wide receiver, as there are several out there that Michigan would like for this recruiting class. And that reminds me--Programming note: Recruiting update coming this week...