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BlogPoll: Week #5

Much like I wrote last week, I must reiterate that for me, there has emerged a clear three-tier stratification system among teams receiving votes on my BlogPoll ballot: there's the top ten; the next ten; and five more teams of moderate distinction. There are arguably ten or so teams that qualify for inclusion in this lowest band, so the five present, though selected following serious thought, are not clearly superior to all other teams not ranked. On to the poll and its attendant information...

Games watched in part or full:

  • Michigan vs. Minnesota - See here for thoughts.
  • Auburn vs. South Carolina - One of those pollster conundrums: acquit Auburn for winning a conference road game or indict the Tigers for almost falling to a clearly inferior team?
  • Alabama vs. Florida - I haven't enjoyed watching Alabama play football since Shaun Alexander and Freddie Milons lost in the Orange Bowl to Michigan. Can we just say that? Every year, it's the same boring-ass shit. Kudos to a Gators defense that looks like one of the best units in the country. And it will need to be against LSU and without Wynn. I still have questions about the Gator offense being able to move the ball in the clutch against a strong D. I guess we'll get an answer this week.
  • The Ohio State Joke of a University vs. Iowa - Drew Tate: dangerous, gritty weapon or maddening interception bestower? Discuss. Also to discuss: Should Leon Hall cover Anthony Gonzalez or Ted Ginn? I vote for the former.
  • Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech - November comes early in Blacksburg, as the defense fails and the team looks totally overwhelmed by an opponent that I didn't even think was all that good. Get ready to hear a lot about this game as Irish fans insufferably boast about returning to the BCS as the Golden Domers again get beaten by a team that isn't scared to join a conference and actually deserves to be there.

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State --
2 Auburn 1
3 Southern Cal 1
4 Florida --
5 Michigan 1
6 Louisiana State 1
7 Louisville 2
8 Oregon 3
9 West Virginia 4
10 Texas 2
11 Tennessee 5
12 Clemson 6
13 Georgia 3
14 Notre Dame 1
15 Oklahoma 2
16 Georgia Tech 10
17 Cal 2
18 Iowa 6
19 Virginia Tech 5
20 Wake Forest 1
21 Missouri 2
22 Boise State 2
23 Rutgers 1
24 Wisconsin --
25 Boston College 1

Dropped Out: TCU (#13), Washington (#25).

Here's last week's ballot.

Poll notes:

  • Auburn's problems with South Carolina seem much less worrisome than Southern Cal's problems with a Washington State team that Auburn destroyed.
  • Really, what has West Virginia done? It drops, as I spend some time reassessing each team and trying to remain cognizant of resumes, not just reputations or history.
  • Not so comfortable with Clemson and Georgia Tech making such big jumps, but which other teams have really stood out relative to the respective levels of competition that they have faced?
  • Re: TCU--I was impressed by the nature of the Texas Tech win and caught up in how quaint it was to be ranking a non-BCS team so high. But Texas Tech isn't ranked, Texas A&M isn't good, and BYU is an unknown that lost to Boston College. Thus, the precipitous fall of the Horned Frogs. I'm human. Sorry.