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Some Fine Work Around the Way

  • During my "vacation" last week, Brian rolled out a statistical something of beauty that only validates the now burgeoned notion that he needs to be blogging as a career. Or even writing for a "mainstream" publication that will not limit his creativity or force his voracity to come with verification. Please peep this thing of beauty.
  • Johnny has a lot more on Artis Chambers, including an early and rudimentary analysis of Michigan's 2007 defensive back recruiting. Michigan will probably try to land two safeties and two or three cornerbacks in the next class. Leading DB candidates include Jerimy Finch of Indianapolis (IN) Warren Central; Ronald Johnson of Muskegon (MI) High School; Dionte Allen of Orchard Lake (MI) St. Mary's; and Eugene Clifford of Cincinnati (OH) Colerain. The Chambers commitment might indicate that things look less good with Johnson, Finch, and Clifford (Allen is seen only as a CB recruit), but Johnson could play either position, Finch is thought to be a probable college linebacker, and Clifford might be a strong safety while Chambers may be more of a free safety. Regardless, it's early (signing day is more than 300 days away), and while a natural pessimist like me would like to read all kinds of bad things into this signing, I'd rather assume that the coaches know what they're doing (they do recruit well, at least) and that this probably means nothing. More troubling are rumors that Johnson is looking out of state, but again, lots of time...
Later this week, I'll get into the now finalized 2006-2007 Michigan football coaching staff; more basketball talk; and the softball team. And as we all know, there is a basketball game against Illinois tomorrow night.