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Illinois vs. Michigan Open Thread

Chris Hunter is out 3-6 weeks. Does UM have a chance? I guess UM had a chance, huh? Thanks to 39 points from Daniel Horton, Michigan defeated Illinois 72-64 last night. The win was crucial, as it was not only a victory against an RPI top-25 team, but it was also UM's 8th conference win, and the conventional wisdom suggests that a team at .500 or better in the top-ranked conference in the country will probably go dancing next month. I am totally shocked by this effort, and I have to give credit to Horton and Tommy Amaker. Most of my misgivings about the latter remain, but his team was prepared and excited to be playing, and it didn't feel sorry for itself. That's pretty important. Does this win give Michigan the momentum it will need to get one more win before the Big Ten Tournament? Let's hope so, as 19 wins and a 9-7 conference mark would likely get UM in the tournament by next weekend. So much for the doom and gloom I expected after the MSU game. I'm quite happy that I was wrong.