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Michigan vs. Iowa Open Thread (and Poll!)

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First: Check out some reaction to the coaching changes. I am losing my mind.

Second: Peep this excellent diary entry from Old 98. Let's think about this as we watch Michigan against Iowa. I will have full reaction to the week's games tomorrow:

With a tough game at Iowa this weekend and an intimidating conference schedule, how do you like the Maize Rage's chances at a regular season conference championship? how about the big ten tourney? and is this competition helping michigan by testing them during the season, or hurting them by possibly lowering their seed? your thoughts, and a poll as well:
Oh, and make sure you vote in the poll.


Assuming UM makes the NCAAs, how far will they go?

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  • 100%
    1st/2nd round exit
    (11 votes)
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    Sweet Sixteen/Elite Eight
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    Final Four
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