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What's There to Say?

I was considering writing some lengthy postmortem following Michigan's loss to Iowa, but really, what's there to say? Michigan failed in nearly every measurable way--Iowa shot 65-percent from the field; Iowa shot 68-percent from three; Iowa won the rebounding battle 34-27; Iowa held the Wolverines to 42-percent shooting from the field; Iowa and Michigan (bad shot selection) held the Wolverines to 27-percent shooting from three; and to top it all off, the Wolverines shot 57-percent from the line. That's how you lose by 28. Period. All of the old Tommy Amaker criticisms--bad defensive rotations, absent offensive system, bad free throw shooting, poor execution at crucial junctures--resurfaced, and as I wrote following the Illinois loss, Michigan again looked as though it didn't have enough D1-caliber players who could contribute.

That's your story. Let's hope Michigan can get healthy at home against Ohio State on Thursday. Aside from the home date against Minnesota, I suddenly don't know whether I can reasonably expect another victory during the regular season. At Purdue seems alright, but seriously, is anyone feeling so great about beating OSU, MSU, Illinois, or Indiana? I know that the Hoosiers have been sliding a little, but when was the last time Tommy Amaker beat Indiana (sort of a trick question)? We shall see. And yes, it is funny what a 28-point loss will do to one's perspective.