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Bill Martin Does Not Use the "W" Word

I guess that this (see below) might be the "right" way to do it when it comes to rebulding a basketball program that lost most of its contemporary-era glory thanks to paying for players, but I can't see how an average fan is supposed to feel excited about Michigan basketball, Tommy Amaker, or Bill Martin when everyone associated with this team is afraid of saying that they want to win. It's like Lloyd Carr's bullshit about always shooting for a Big Ten title. I want to win that, but as part of the larger goal, a national championship. For once, it would be nice to get some grand rhetoric that established expectations and created a culture of demanded excellence. But not in Ann Arbor; that would probably hurt someone's feelings too much. Or maybe it would just be too enthusiastic.

"Amaker Safe, Says U-M's Bill Martin"