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Michigan Basketball: More Relevant Than UTEP!

I am effing tired of writing about this up-and-down, underwhelming team, so you'll have to pardon my generally deficient NIT coverage. Sorry. On the Bangin', I won't write about Bow Wow for the same reason: If it doesn't really matter, it's not all that passion-arousing. Maybe it makes me a bad fan since I am not living and dying with this fundamentally obsolete event, but I can accept that label if need be.

Anyway, Michigan beat UTEP 82-67. Chris Hunter and Dion Harris played well, leading deluded Tommy Amaker supporters with names like Lobsterdad8 across the world to flood the internets with just more of the same rationalizations.

I like this sadly apt quotation, to which I have added emphasis, from UTEP coach Doc Sadler:

"Michigan made shots all night," UTEP coach Doc Sadler said. "Michigan always seems to have a lull in games where things don't go their way. They didn't have that tonight."
This is Tommy Amaker's fifth year.