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Spring Practice Has Started!

You can read about it here ($). And for the record, it appears as though Carlos Brown is working out at running back (too), so for now, the criticism of Carr for removing that speed from the offensive backfield seems premature. Please cross that off the list of reasons to be upset with Lloyd. A list beyond 1000 is unwieldy, anyway.

So, how about that Big Ten basketball? All season, as I watched Big Ten teams grind each other into a pulp, I would routinely think that compared to a league like the Big East, the Big Ten left something to be desired. I don't know if it's simply a matter of marketing--the Big Ten is sold as a meat-and-potatoes conference while the ACC and Big East give us future NBA stars--creating a prism through which I arrived at false impressions or what, but I can't say I was surprised by what happened to the Big Ten this weekend. I only had a single Big Ten team (Illinois) in the Sweet 16, mostly because I didn't trust the conference. And I only picked Illinois because I didn't respect Washington. From the live-by-the-three offense of Ohio State to the how-do-they-win unforeseen success of Iowa, the entire conference always left me wanting more this year. You'd watch MSU and Indiana trade dry spells and then tune into UConn and Villanova playing the regular-season equivalent of a Final Four game, and you'd be struck by the marked difference in styles. Something was just always off.

This is a bunch of vacuous, unresearched rambling, so I will get back to you with some numbers that either make me seem right or, more likely, make me seem stupid. But for now, can't we all agree that the Big Ten's flame out was not really surprising given that no one who watched its teams this year would have assumed that it was the top-ranked conference in the RPI? That stat was almost as shocking as Philip Fulmer failing to eat himself to death this past year as his football program fell apart.