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Michigan Basketball: What's Lower Than Hell?

Well, everyone was wrong. All the time, they--you know, people--are running around saying that things couldn't be worse. Michigan basketball only has one way to go: up. Well, that's apparently not how recruits see it.

Last week, Michigan failed to land Chicago-area standout guard Patrick Beverley when he committed to Arkansas. Beverley, a 6'2" combo guard who UM was recruiting to run the point, is ranked as the 65th best player in the class of 2006. He was widely viewed as Michigan's last best chance to land the impact guard that it desperately needs. It is believed that Beverley was swayed by impressive red-carpet treatment and nicer facilities in Fayetteville.

The 2005 Michigan recruiting class consisted of three three-star players, two of whom were underwhelming and a third who redshirted:
- SF Kendric Price
- SG Jevohn Shepherd
- PG Jerret Smith

The 2006 Michigan recruiting class currently consists of one three-star shooting guard, one three-star forward, and one four-star forward. It does not include Detroit's Ramar Smith, a five-star shooting guard who recently committed to Tennessee:
- SG K'Len Morris
- PF Deshawn Sims
- SF Anthony Wright

The 2007 Michigan recruiting class was gonna have Alex Legion, but now that's not gonna happen. It's also not gonna have in-state studs like five-star swingman Durrell Summers and four-star point guard Kalin Lucas. They'll both be in East Lansing. Michigan? It kept the Grady family happy by securing a commitment from current RB Kevin's brother Kelvin, a 5'10", three-star point guard.

Say what you will about injuries and coaching, but if Tommy Amaker can't even recruit, then what is he doing for Michigan? UM does not have the roster to make the Tournament next year; it does not have impact players coming in who can immediately contribute, save for Deshawn Sims; and if it didn't have negative momentum, then it wouldn't have momentum at all. Even worse, nothing will significantly change until Michigan finds a basketball coach who can teach and win. Winning is the currency that trumps all else. Tournament wins attract fans, encourage donations, build facilities, and land recruits. Tommy Amaker doesn't offer that bright future.