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Read up, kids. This could be exciting.

In contrast to the obnoxious manner in which media darling Jimmy Clausen committed to Notre Dame on Saturday (and to be fair to this ugly, crazy-looking motherfucker, the media WANTS to root for Notre Dame, so it's only natural that it would be a front-page story on, suspected class of 2007 Michigan recruit Ryan Mallett will eschew a limo, a press conference, and fanfare when he announces his college plans tonight ($ub. req.).

Assuming that Mallett declares that his intention is to matriculate at and eventually go to the NFL from the University of Michigan--and all of the regular internets "insiders" are assuring that this will be the case--it will set up an interesting recruiting race between Michigan and its rival in South Bend. Clausen and Mallett are both among the top fifteen recruits, regardless of position, in the country; are both quarterbacks; and are both thought to be competing for the same teammates. As recruiting has shaped up in the nascent stages of this cycle, it has become apparent that some kids, like North Carolina's superstar WR Greg Little, are going to be targeted by both the Wolverines and the Fighting Irish. Now that Clausen and Mallett have taken their places on opposite sides of the battle line, both are expected to "get on the phone" and attempt to lure highly rated recruits to Notre Dame and Michigan, respectively, to come play with them and, in the preposterous words of Jimmy Clausen--now the most hatable player in all of college football--try to win four national titles.

As a Michigan fan, I can't help but find this exciting, not least of all because recruiting inherently offers the promise of a better future. It's also thrilling to think that maybe, just maybe, there is still something that Lloyd Carr can do as well as or even better than a coach at an analogous institution. He certainly can't out-eat or out-x-and-o Weis, but he may be able to out-recruit him. I mean, have you seen South Bend? It's easily one of the worst, most boring places I have ever been.

I also can't help but feel a little frightened as I attempt to peer into the future of this arms race. Charlie Weis has revivified his program, seized recruiting momentum, and smartly courted the media, never failing to promote Notre Dame. Look at this past weekend: the Irish had an actual spring game (not some glorified series of drills like the event held in Ann Arbor) replete with TV coverage, former players coaching the teams in the game, and 20 top-rated recruits from around the country. Lloyd? Well, you know what he's about; he's still upset at Marconi for coming up with a mechanism that allows information to travel faster than any horse can carry a man. So that's a marked disadvantage right there. But on top of that, given that condoms are now sold out across the country since the media needed all of them to participate in the Notre Dame orgy that's been going on for a while and recently intensified when Clausen showed up with some killer ecstasy, it's easy to envision an onslaught of fawning attention paid to Notre Dame that effectively helps the Greg Littles of the world move into their South Bend dorm rooms.

But even bleak circumstances can still be fun in recruiting. No one really thought Michigan was gonna wind up with Carlos Brown last year, but there he was at the UM Spring Game Whatever breaking off long runs.

So get ready to enjoy this recruiting season. It could be quite exciting. And, of course, Go Blue! The M Club supports you (although, these living-in-the-past, unreasonable, myopic douches don't).