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Penn State Recruiting Ramps Up

While that facts that Penn State hasn't beaten Michigan in about a decade and that the Penn State fans who know how to use the internets are such a generally unbearable collection of "humans" that they rightly engender an endless amount of animus in hearts of opposing fan bases have made Wolverines justifiably quick to dismiss the racists from Happy Valley, even we had to admire the season that Penn State put together last year. The Nittany Lions didn't beat Michigan, but UM certainly gave them every opportunity to do so, and the rest of the UM season hopefully made clear that wins and losses were almost indiscriminately decided in 2005.

Aside from the pride and excitement and accomplishment that come with a one-loss season, a major benefit is an ability to recruit better players with a better sales pitch. After going 11-1, you don't need to constantly sell recruits on strengths like a coach who might break biblical records for duration of one's life; like the cutest mascot around (look at that adorable scarf!); like the ability to consistently beat Akron. No, you can start selling recruits on the good stuff--glory on Saturdays; a chance to compete for a national title; a chance to one day beat Michigan again; etc.

Well, the benefits are starting to emerge. Not only are guys like Derrick Williams and Justin King testament to the revivification of Penn State (and to Tom Bradley's thirty-handwritten-letters-a-day-induced carpal Tunnel) but then you see videos like this and realize that a legion of youngster may again be growing up thinking about Penn State.

Crazy, as some might say. Oh, and nice doll.