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Catching Up

I should settle into a seven-day-a-week posting schedule this week after two weeks of hard living that included trips to London and Atlantic City; lots of work; two Pearl Jam concerts; and some choice conversations with several of Atlantic City's finest prostitutes (no money was exchanged; no favors received--no worries).

Meanwhile, though, I want to play catch up and hit you with some recommended reading material:

  • The Winged Helmet rightly destroyed Matt Hayes for his idiotic reasoning regarding whether Lloyd Carr deserves to be sitting on the proverbial hot seat.
  • Sports Pickle skewers Michigan, Lloyd Carr, and its fans. For instance:
    ?No one cares how badly we fall short of our goals, they still come out and cheer,? said Carr. ?And that?s the kind of support we?ll need in the future, because the longer I?m here, the more of a chance there will some 6-5 and 5-6 seasons, or even worse, mixed in. Heck, I could go 3-8 in a year or two, and we?d still probably add on another 1,000 seats to Michigan Stadium.?
  • The chairmen of the college football blogosphere at Every Day Should Be Saturday posted this ridiculous video (I'd throw up the YouTube link, but I think the video has been removed) about a week ago. If you are still enjoying the exploits of our favorite masturbating Ohio State fan, you might also want to check out his MySpace page, found here. Dude is really, really into Halo.
  • Sports Illustrated gives a wrap-around to Charlie Weis and Pete Carroll, declaring last year's "Bush Push" the greatest college football play of all time. Next week, Brady Quinn will be declared the greatest quarterback of all time, Brian Cushing the greatest petulant person from New Jersey of all time, and the not-yet-born child of A.J. Hawk and Laura Quinn the greatest result of steroids of all time. And the crazy pills will continue to be delivered to the SI webmaster, or whichever person over there produced this abortion of justice and taste and perspective and everything else.