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Coaches for Convicts: Ohio State Opens the Season at #1

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The Ohio State Joke of a University has been anointed by the coaches as the preseason favorite to win the national title. Read about it here if you can stomach it. The rest of the poll is below (first-place votes in parentheses):

  1. Ohio State (28)
  2. Texas (11)
  3. (tie) Notre Dame (9)
  4. (tie) Southern California (1)    
  5. Oklahoma (13)    
  6. Auburn (1)    
  7. West Virginia    
  8. Florida    
  9. LSU    
  10. Florida State    
  11. Miami (Fla.)    
  12. California
  13. Louisville    
  14. Georgia    
  15. Michigan
  16. Virginia Tech    
  17. Iowa
  18. Clemson    
  19. Penn State    
  20. Oregon    
  21. TCU
  22. Nebraska
  23. Tennessee    
  24. Alabama
  25. Texas Tech
Teams that seem overrated: Michigan, Penn State (see here for part of the reason), Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma

Teams that seem underrated: LSU, Miami, Iowa