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In Case You Forgot

Victory looked like this on Saturday:

The scoring...

...the offense...

...the defense:

Or, if you prefer something more cinematic and infinitely more dorky (and, to be honest, I sort of do), I suggest this rendering of Michigan as the Empire striking back.

You know what else victory looks like? This sort of lunacy on ND Nation, home to what can only be described as "a bunch of babies":

Note to Michigan visitors

Your opinions about the game on Saturday are, with some exceptions, really not relevant to anyone here. If we want your opinions, we'll go to your boards.

I generally don't like Notre Dame fans, although that is an enmity accompanied by respect. Notre Dame fans appreciate the history and pageantry of college football. They aren't obnoxious; they don't make trips to South Bend seem like you're visiting Rikers Island (South Bend is plenty horrible as it is); and they tend to know their football. I can't stand the program, the media obsession with a school that has done nothing remarkable in decades, or the delusional self-satisfaction and self-aggrandizement that most Domers seem to harbor. That all blows, but at least Notre Dame fans represent themselves as human beings. Unlike the Napoleonic troglodytes from Columbus who are univerally reviled across the college football spectrum for always misbehaving, caring little for rules, desecrating the majesty of the sport, and being generally insufferable.

However, when the message board zealots start posting stuff like this, that respect is hard to salvage amidst the countervailing emotions.

And finally, Sports Illustrated: While I would never be presumptuous enough to assume that you would put Michigan on the cover of your magazine just for beating Notre Dame, it seems as though we have entered into a remarkably unremarkable portion of the sports calendar. Sure, this is a fun time--football is in full swing, NBA training camps open in a few weeks, the Ryder Cup is popping off this weekend--but little of the extraordinary can be found. As a result, you, SI might be inclined to feature a college football story, especialy since last weekend was roundly hailed as such an exemplary moment in college football. I am OK with this though, but please refrain from featuring any Michigan players on the cover. You can put one there if Michigan beats Ohio State or if it wins the National Championship. That would be great. But not this week. We don't need that right now. If you must feature the beatdown that the Wolverines put on Notre Dame, how about something else instead:

Or (look at the guy immediately to Breaston's right):