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Seriously, You'll Need to Be Sitting Down

This has been a crazy week for me--too much work, too little posting. Sorry.

But my week, for all of its work-related stress and time-consuming assignments, is not possibly as bad as this guy's.

What follows, honestly, is fifteen minutes of excruciating pain that you will not be able to stop listening to. It is so simultaneously amazing and horrifying that you may become momentarily paralyzed. NOTHING can possibly prepare you for this, inarguably the greatest on-air meltdown in the history of life. Really, this is FUCKING CRAZY. (It gets really good/bad after about four minutes, but you need to hear the whole thing.)

If you see WXYT-AM's Mike Valenti on the street: 1) remove ALL college football paraphernalia IMMEDIATELY; 2) Give him a hug.

Click the link for audio, or "save as" to download the clip.

Download: MELTDOWN!

(HT: House Rock Built)