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Happy Hour: (Not So) Tearful Goodbyes

On Tap:

  1. Out of Ginn
  2. Gonzo, er, Gonzo (HT: The 614)
  3. Branch-ing Out
  4. Mundy, Mundy
  5. Darius Departs
  6. Berenson Gets 600th Win
  7. Theology on Tap
  8. Notre Dame Hires a New DC, Already begins apologizing for ass-whipping scheduled for September 15.
  9. Blogger no longer
1. Oh Damn. Ted Ginn Leaves OSU for other Acronym That Pays More- Politeness be damned. I'm glad he's gone. For the last three years I've had to watch him torch Michigan in some way and now the NFL has to deal with him.  Ginn decided he was tired of getting injured by his own teammates and declared for the NFL draft today. Good bye and good ridance.

2. More Crocodile Tears, Anthony Gonzalez Leaves Too - Must be my day. Anthony Gonzalez, Ginn's fellow Michigan killer on the wings, declared for the NFL draft last week as well. Probably the one guy that drove me more up a friggin' wall than Troy Smith the last 3 years. He'll make a great pro... oh wait...

3. Branching Out - Dammit.  Alan Branch is gone.  It took me a while to deal with it.  That's all I have to say about that.

4. Ryan Mundy's Career is Over at UM -Unfortunately for Ryan, his neck and shoulder problems were just too much to overcome. Brian reported late last week that Mundy will not play for Michigan next year citing injuries and his playing days are over. Best of luck to Ryan.

5. Darius Walker Declares For Draft - In what can only be described as a really, really smart decision, Darius Walker bid Notre Dame adieu and declared for the NFL draft.  Walker was an excellent tailback for the Irish over the last three years, and I have to say I'm not going to miss him as an opponent no matter how well we contained him last year.  Looking at a new offensive line, 1st year starter, new receiving corps, and questionable defense, Walker said to himself it's time to go.  He'll be a mid to late round pick, but its a heap better than he'd go next year when he'd be the focal point of both ND's offense and their opponent's defense.  

6. Berenson Wins His 600th - On Friday Michigan topped Northern Michigan 5-2 to give Head Coach Red berenson his 600th career victory as Michigan's head coach.  Congrats to Red on a well deserved accomplishment. The Michigan hockey team has been nothing if not inconsistent this year, and it's arguable that keeping the Wolverines ranked and on the verge of yet another NCAA appearance makes this one of his best coaching jobs during his tenure at Michigan.

7. Theology on Tap - Johnny does it again. A little bit of time has done little to heal the wounds of the Rose Bowl for him, but it has opened him up to a wonderful new thought process.  As only he can state it, Johnny takes a look at sports as religion. His piece was so interesting I took a crack at responding myself.

8. New Irish Defensive Coordinator - As always, the guys over at Blue-Gray Sky have put together a great look at Notre Dame's newly minted DC. Word to the wise, he's got some decent NFL chops having coached DBs for the NY Jets. He also once knocked the crap out of Keyshawn Johnson, which makes me like him despite his new position. We can only hope the Jim Herrmann rubbed off on him.

9. Bye-Bye-Blogger - Today marks my first full time day as SportsBlogs Nation's Michigan blogger and my last as an independent on Blogger. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

For some reason people kept coming back to the original site and it came close to logging its 75,000th visitor prior to the switch over. Not bad for 11 months.

I'd especially like to thank Brian at MGoBlog for all the links and encouragement, Johnny at RBUAS for always challenging me to be a better writer, Kyle at Dawg Sports for all the friendly banter, Peter at Burnt Orange Nation for actually thinking I can write, and everyone who kept coming back and spread the word about Maize n Brew.