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Ron Lee Gone: Michigan Searches For New CB Coach

Ron Lee Out After One Season At Michigan

The Detroit News is reporting the Michigan's Cornerback Coach Ron Lee will not be returning to the Michigan Coaching staff next year. No official reason for Lee's departure was given but I'm sure it had something to do with this:

or this

The play of the Michigan secondary this year was spotty at best. Despite the presence of Leon Hall, Michigan was picked apart by Ball State, Ohio State and USC. Blown coverages became more the norm than the exception as the season progressed and offenses adapted to Michigan's base packages.

It's particularly troubling because Lee was specifically brought in from Wisconsin to help strengthen the position when Ron English took over the defensive play calling. While a considerable amount of the blame for the secondary's performance can be placed on underwhelming talent, the rest is coaching. Even kids with minimal talent can be taught to be in position if you're running a friggin zone.

The perception out there is Michigan's corners are soft, and that's not going to help us recruit top talent. "Not renewing" Lee's contract or whatever happened is a good thing for the program in that it sends a message that the problem has been identified and addressed to some extent.

Now, only time will tell how well they've addressed it.

UPDATE: Rivals is reporting that Ron English is already interviewing people for the job. Rivals states:
Another name to fuel some speculation … the brothers Mallory. LSU secondary coach Doug Mallory played at Michigan (captaining the '87 team), as did his brothers, Curt and Mike (captain of the 1984 and '85 squads). Curt is the secondary coach at Illinois, while Mike is the linebacker coach at Kansas. Doug has coached for former Wolverine Les Miles since Miles' days at Oklahoma State.
Guess he's not wasting any time, is he?