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Saturday Basketball: Michigan v. Purdue First Half

Saturday morning. No work. Michigan on TV. Life (hopefully) is good.

Purdue put a whuppin' on Michigan a week ago and turned that into a legit chance at an upset against Wisconsin. Michigan in turn rebounded to spank Penn State. Purdue hasn't won on the road since 2005. Anyone else worried now that they know that?

Michigan sits at 15-4 (3-1) and Purdue at 13-6 (2-3)

Game Time!

Tip Michigan. Dion up the court. Bad entry to sims who saves it. Sims to petway for lay in. Great cut by Petway.
Petway takes early charge from Landry!
Hartis up court. top to coleman to abram.harris lofts a bad short three.
PU 3 miss.
Harris lob to Petway alley oop! Beautiful!
Sims makes  block! rush up court. Harris almost gets ball strippes
Harris drains a trey!
Petway forces a travel! Defense! What the hell? Amaker is bouncing around like a superball.
Coleman picksup his dribble in bad position and trvaels. PUrdue picking up the d.
Landry trey miss. Coleman skies for rebound.
Harris misses trey Petway misses dunk.
Purdue scores in paint drive. guard cut lane.
Abram drove baseline and misses, gains own rebound in traffic saves to Coleman, who gets blocked.
Other end Petway Skies for the block! Hung in the air for the whole possession!
Other end, Abram open for trey!
Missed trey, Sims gives up rebound and fouls on follow up.

Whew. fast game so far. 15:04 left.

Landry drains first FT. Second.
Smith in game at point. Udoh misses off great pass from petway.oobs purdue.
Harris drains trey!
Points in paint purdue.13-6
Abram bricks trey, Udoh has rb fall in hands. Abram drives baseline picks up foul.
Baker in. Shot clock down and Baker forces trey. Udoh on rebound gets blocked. Purdue other way. Landry hut and now bench.
Purdue drives lane and scores.
Sims is 15 feet from basket and tries to post up? God he's irritable.
Harris back in, Baker out. Sims in, misses 15 footer.
Sims blocks inside!
Smith to Sims to Coleman, drains open corner three.
Landry still on bench holding eye/face.

David Teague drains first ft, second.
Coleman makes horrible intro pass that gets stolen.
Teague drains trey.
Sims finds smith open for trey, misses. D. Sims makes rebound, gets fouled.
Michigan to as petway takes eye off ball on pass from harris.
Landry in traffic gets fouled, didn't look liek he was shooting, but to the line he goes.
hits first, misses second
Sims rebounds ball and then gets it stripped off of Coleman trey miss. great drive by harris created shot.
D sims gets steal!
Teague picks up foul on Coleman. Michigan ball.
another purdue foul.
D sims misses short turn around.
landry inside 16-16
Another foul on Purdue.
8:14 in game. Landry picks up second foul on pick and roll pick up.
Harris goes to line.
Harris misses ft but petway gets rebound and gets fouled.
Petway bricks FT.
purdue gets ball oobs.
PURDUE Turnover.
7:54 to go in 1 half.
Offense got a little lazy after fast start. It was  all outside shooting an nothing inside. Need to establish something inside.
in bounds UM
Harris. phsycical game.Harris gets stripped by small white boy. finishes for two and abram fouls him. misses ft
18-16 purdue.
Petway is useless away from basket. Bad jumpshot with shot clock winding down.
Defense leads to Purdue Timeout.

Michigan has to get an inside presence.10-0 run purdue.
Kramer drains trey 21-16.
Smith bricks another trey
UM gets ball back.
Smith to coleman alley-oop!
someone guard kramer!
Teague barely misses trey.
Smith drives lane and gets tied up. Jumpball purdue.
foul on purdue for off foul.
Smith still in.udoh c sims.
Sims goes up weak gets blocked, Udoh doesn't quit, goes up for board and gets fouled.
Udoh misses foulshots, coleman gets board.
Smith to C Sims one on one, 2 points.
C. Sims picks up third foul on defensive board. Horseshit call. Sims didn't touch the PU center. great flop by gumpy white boy though. got third foul on sims.

Seems every time he does something right something else happens to negate it.

3:36 left

Strip by Udoh.
Smith see hurt center and goes right at him to pick up another foul on center. 3 on pu senter.
Smith misses another foul shot. UM 0-5 from ft. Smith takes second and makes it.
Kramer drives lane and smith picks up foul.
Udoh get board.
21-21 2:35 left in half

Smith carries up court.
good bounce pass to Coleman who flubs the ball oob.

7 TO so far for mich
Teague sinks tough drive in paint.
23-21 purdue
Foul onpurdue. Udoh to line.
Hits first
Hits second!
D SIms gets block on drive.
Udoh drains 18 footer!
25-23 mich Udoh guards Kramer, forces bad shot and half comes to end.

Second half

Michigan sloppy after end bounds. turnover coleman turns into purdue layup.


shot clock winding down, Harris forces up a long two pointer, kind bounce turns it into a 2.

Landry goes right at Sims, gets blocked.

Harris takes a pass and drives lane for pull up, gets fouled.

Harris at line, hits first, hits second

29-25 Mich

Desperation three and Petway fouls him????

Three free throws... dammit.

Misses first, hits second, petway rebounds miss, gets stripped. missed shot.

Petway travels on other end.

Sims in good position, a little deep, but landry scores iin paint.

Alley oop harris to petway.

31-28 Michigan.

Michigan forces fumble in paint, coleman dives for ball jumpball to purdue.

Abram drains three from corner!


Kramer drives lane fg kramer

Smith drives lane kick out to Harris! Trey!


Purdue turnover!

Michigan ball

Smith up court.

Great pass, flubbed by abram

TO Purude on great Mich d

GREAT PASSING. four players make grat passes, and Harris bureis another 3!

Michigan denying the interior. Long three missed, foul on Harris on rebound.

42-30 Michigan

A pair of freethrows makes it 32-42

Miss Abram, rebound Udoh, smith hits it.


Purdue getting aggressive on the boards.

Lutz drains a three... dammit. 44-35

Smith comes back and hits for another pair, 46-35

11:22 left

Harris for three!

Another purdue miss and Smith pushes floor for easy two! 51-35

Purdue turns it over out of a TO.

great ball movement runs into a dunk by petway.

Landry blocked again by sims and petway.

Harris throws it away on inside feed to Sims.

Landry fouled hits both.


Coleman bricks a corner trey.

Landry works Udoh for a dunk.


D Sims in.

Harris misses, coleman tips to Harris, D Sims forces a 10 footer and misses.


Landry's going to see the ball every time from here out.

Watt at line, after foul on Udoh.

Misses 1 hits 2nd


Abram gets stripped by Kramer, Kramer pushes on harris, HARRIS STRIPS HIM pushes floor and D Sims lays it in and gets fouled!

Sims hits FT.


Miss off the baseline by purdue, group rebound, jumpball purdue.

Watt and Smith go tumbling after Watt dumps Smith going for rebound. Cheap crap by purdue on rebound. Smith did well to keep his cool.

6:36 left in game. 56-42 after two ft.

Smith pushes ball up court.

Foul in paint on purdue, 3rd on Landry

Almost alley oop, should've been a foul.

Purdue sinks 5 foot floater.

TO Michigan as Petway trips over own two feet trying to dribble out of trouble.

56-44 Michigan

Smith still in.

Lob to Sims, foul on landry! 4th foul. Nice pass by smith.

5:33 left

Holding foul on Purdue off the in-bounds pass.

Lester Abram at line, first good, second too.


Charge on Vandermeir! Michigan ball!

Abram drives baseline and gets blocked.

Purdue center looks like he popped his shoulder.

shot clock violation and purdue marches other way and drains a 3.


Abram drives from three line and picks up nother boiler foul.hits first ft, hits second.


Teague hits on great drive in the lane.


Harris drives lane dishes petway for dunk!

Smith grabs board, drive coast to coast and pulls back out to use clock.

This is easily the best game Jerret Smith has ever played at Michigan. I don't know what happened but he's like a different player today.

Smith drove lane and gave the ball up on silly pass. Smith grabs rebound on a couple of bad purdue shots.


Smith to Sims, Sims puts it up and scores with 2 on clock.


Quick drive by Purdue scores two more. 64-51.


2:09 left

Coleman makes great play on bad inbounds by Harris saves ball in midair passes to Abram on the other side of the court for a free dunk.

Teague responds driving lane and hits tough runner Inbounds pass almost goes awry again, smith stuck in corner with two players on him lobs to C Sims who skies for ball and gets clobbered. Foul on purdue.

It's going fast and furious now. Michigan is scoring but so is purdue. UM needs a stop to pad lead.

Sims at line, bricks first, hits second.

Landry picks up rebound and hts again.


Harris fouled on inbounds.

1:13 left

Harris hits first, hits second.

Purdue pushes the bourt and and Petway simply skies to consume the ball on the block. Smith grabs ball and runs off another 8 seconds before getting fouled.

hits both.


Purdue panicking now, loads of threes and none go in. Watt fouls smith.

Michigan runs out the clock, and takes home the win.

Smith, Harris, Petway had huge games.

Convincing win by Michigan making excellent passes and Udoh, Sims, and Petway put the clamps on Purdue in the paint.

Wooo! more later.

Go Blue!