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Maize n Brew Big Ten Hoops Power Rankings Week 3

Maize n Brew's Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings Week 3


1. Wisconsin - A pair of grind it out victories over clearly inferior teams either shows character or a chink in the armor. Like champions though, Wisconsin continues to have one new hero after another step up to save the day. Two more tough road tests before they coast into the easy part of their schedule.
Next up: Michigan, @ Iowa, @ Indiana

16-3 (4-1)

2. Ohio State - On cruise control until they visit Michigan State on 2/3/07. Yeah they've got MSU at home before that, but OSU's rolling right now. I don't see them slipping at home.
Next up: @ Northwestern, Michigan State, Purdue

14-4 (4-1)

3. Indiana - Tough road win at UConn has then ranked for the first time this season. For all the Sampson knows defense talk Indiana's putting some points on the boards. Barring a major slip up they look Tourney locked. However, Michigan and Wisconsin come calling after a tough trip to Illinois. It's make or break for the Hoosiers
Next up: @ Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin

16-4 (3-2)

4. Michigan State - Won three straight culminating with a pounding of Penn State. MSU's playing good ball right now, but they've got visits to OSU and Illinois on the horizon. They drop a spot because the Hoosiers beat UConn at UConn.
Next up: Minnesota, @ Ohio State, @ Illinois

16-4 (4-1)

5. Michigan - 16 wins. Wow. Wish they were against real teams. Michigan handled its business at home pounding PSU and Purdue by 15 or more points each. Their shooting touch has returned and they are playing excellent D. However, they're doing it against the bottom of the conference. They can show they're for real with a victory at either Wisconsin or Indiana. Even after that they've gotta hold court against Iowa. Now they have to show they can play against the big dogs.
Next up: @ Wisconsin, @ Indiana, Iowa

14-7 (2-4)

6. Illinois - Put simply, the next three games determine if Illinois goes Dancing or crying. The Illini couldn't close the deal against Wisconsin on their home court. They've got Indiana and MSU on their home court. Do or die time in Champaign.
Next up: Indiana, @ Purdue, Michigan State

13-7 (2-4)

7. Purdue - The wheels came off the Boilermaker's Tourney run. Two straight losses to teams they have to beat to make the dance. Like Illinois it's do or die, but only a game at Penn State looks winable.
Next up: Illinois, Ohio State, @ Penn State

10-9 (2-3)

8. Iowa - Losses to Indiana and Ohio State pretty much ended Iowa's season. At this point with 9 losses they're playing for an NIT berth.
Next up: Penn State, Wisconsin, @ Michigan

10-8 (1-4)

9. Penn State - Blown out twice by 20 or more. Officially rebuilding.
Next up: @ Iowa, @ Minnesota, Purdue

11-8 (1-5)

10. Northwestern - Took it to the Gophers in Minneapolis after getting crushed by OSU. Nice to see the Kittens have at least one claw.
Next up: Ohio State, Minnesota, @ Wisconsin

7-12 (1-4)

11. Minnesota - Bad. Just bad.
Next up: @ Michigan State, Penn State, @ Northwestern

That's it for this week. Gimmie your thoughts.