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Blogjammin': Michigan @ Indiana - First Half

Oh yeah. It's on. Live bloggin to follow!
Starting lineup Harris Coleman Abram Petway and C Sims.
Dj White is large. He'll break Sims in half. Sims already screwing up, on the tip

Give up a three, miss a sims JUMPER?
5-0 Indiana. Sims gets lazy and fouls White. and one situation.
Miss to Petway. 5-0 Indiana.
UM misses a three, indiana drills it in transition.
Abram drives and misses. Cut well but blew it.
Michigan gives up another 3.
11-0 indiana.
TO Michigan.
Play resumes. Foul on Calloway IU. There is no Michigan movement. Harris losses it off the dribble.
Sims actually played good D on White.
Holy crap Petway showed some moves! Gets fouled on the shot.
Hits first. Majerus is ragging on Michigan's ball handling.

Petway misses second. Sims scared to shoot. three feet from basket and afraid to go up.
13-1 IU afer goal tending on Petway.
Sims gets fouled, makes 1st. Hits second.
13-3 IU
22 out b/c of two fouls.

Steal abram, coast to coast layin plus one!
13-5 IU.
13-6 IU after abram hits ft.
Lots of chances for IU, Michigan is playing street ball right now. No one is boxing out. IU got three chances based on bad defensive positioning. Finally Petway gets called for an over the back foul.

Sheesh. Thank god for tv time outs.
15:44 left in 1st half.

Zone d for michigan

Miss on IU 3 pointer, UM foul on Udoh. BS foul.

Misses first ft.

News on Smith: mild concussion. Stayed in AA.

misses both.


Udoh displays post play and finds Sims for easy two.

Stop leaving them open for fucking three!


Harris misses jumper at line.

ANother long rebound for IU.

How is that not a foul?! Sims is getting mugged underneath and they say the ball is out of bounds on him. total bs.

Finally, a call on the home team. traveling under the hoop.

Harris brick another.


Good d from baker and sims.

Udoh bricks another shot.

Michigan d looked to be better then they allow an easy drive to the hoop

18-8 IU.

Baker sends crappy pass to harris who digs it out and finds Udoh. Udoh goes up strong and gets fouled.

TV Timeout

I don't care what anyone says. I think those VW commercials are funny.

Udoh to the line. misses first.

Misses both.



20-8, sims got smoked.

Baker tries to pop a three, gets blocked but it goes off white.

Baker banks it in! 20-10

Baker plaing pretty good d

Refs ar a frigging joke. Coleman was ridden hard into the ground and no call.

Michigan has to stop pulling up the dibble.
Michigan gets called for shot clock violation.
Petway makes a steal and gets fouled on the other end. This team can be brutal to watch.

Baker bricks a three. on the other end Sims hustles and gets the rebound.

Coleman travels. Great. There is no movement. No talk no brains.

Michgian throws it away again.

Quick rebound and Harris goes the other way, drawing a quick foul.

Harris hits first ft.
Misses second.

20-11 IU

Sims blows it on defensive end andwhite gets easy bucket. (okay, Majerous says it wasn't sims fault. good enough for me)

Sims split double team but still missed.

On the other end Petway hacks White.

White misses first. Hits second.


Harris gets a bump again. Michigan isn't moving at ALL.

Harris hits first. 12-23. Hits second 13-23.

Bullshit foul on Harris. Strips White clean and gets called.

Udoh blocks white. Great D on the freshman's part.

5:58 13-23

Harris forces a drive but Coleman cleans up and gets hacked. 3rd fould on calloway! PG in trouble. Woo!

Coleman to the line. Hits first. Hits second


Great stat. Michigan has 9 points from the line. At least they're going to the hoop.

D. Sims blows assignment and leaves three open.

Harris answers 3 from the top!

Udoh awesome D! Then runs court and almost gets easy layin.

Harris drills fg.

20-26.3:52 left.

Shit defense again! IU drills another three off of lazy defense.

Harris finds Sims underneath and he refuses to go up strong. When he does he misses. gets blocked and starts bitching at the refs.

I wonder why he never gets a call...

20-29 IU.

Udoh hits a leaner in the lane. 22-29.

Willmont hits another 3. 32-22.

Abram slices lane and gets fouled. misses shot.

Indiana is living by the three alone.
Hits em both.

Another horseshit foul on a drive to the lane by IU.

Michigan lets a little guy go right thru them, thankfully he misses.

Harris looks good.

You've gotta be kidding me. Sims get's tied up and its a jump ball? He had the friggin ball!

Abram hits a leaner. 26-32

You're kidding me. IU hits a 30 foot three.

Sims goes up gets blocked, then gets lazy and hacks the guy that makes the rebound.


Miss by IU at foul line. Harris goes right to the hoop and comes up short.

Majerous is just raggin on Sims.

26 seconds in the half. 26-35 IU

61.5% from three for IU

Thankfully they finally miss a last second three.

Michigan is playing HORRIBLY. But somehow they're only down 9.