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Blogjammin': Michigan @ Indiana - Second Half

Please stop sucking.

It's pretty simple. Make them drive the lane and let Petway and Udoh guard the lane.

Sims playing good d. white beats sims.

Sims cleans up a harris miss, gets fouled by White.
Sims hits first. Misses second.
27-37 IU,

Petway bricks a short hook

Petway just got his third foul.
floater for IU falls.

What's the point of going to the break if you're going to suck even worse at the start of the second half?
Abram and Coleman combine for horrible turnover. Then Abram compounds the problem by fouling the IU guard when he's fumbling the ball.

Amaker calls a TO

Abram picks up another bump foul.

White drops a tough shot on sims. good d.

another TO
Sims goes up again. Still puts the ball on the floor and takes himself out of shooting position but gets bailed out by a foul.
Hits first. Hits Second.

D. Sims in.
White hits sweet shot over Udoh. Good d. Better shot.

Abram makes piss poor drive that gets blocked andleads to another layup for IU.

another brick from Michigan.
Michigan is down 20.

14:58 left. 17-3 run.
D. Sims forces shit shot.

Arbam cuts it to 18.

Harris makes a steal and gets fouled on the drive.

This is embarrassing. Michigan isn't even trying to play defense. harris seems to be the only guy on the team who's trying. Coleman needs to be yanked and the team on the floor should be Harris, Baker, Abram, Udoh, and Petway.

No one else should see the floor again.

49-31 IU

Fire Amaker.

Harris hits first. Harris hits second.

White fouls Petway.

Sims to Udoh!

Baker hits hacked and no call on TO.
IU hits 3.
White fouls Sims. thats 4.

They've gotta go in every time now until the game is other.
Udoh bricks ft line shot.
Harris steals and lays it in.
Baker on court playing well.

Ratliff buries another 3.
baker bricks an open three and sims takes a foul in the corner of the court.
The team is basically unraveling.

11 minutes.

Abram fouls on IU drive.
At this point Michigan has given up 30 points in the paint.
travel IU.
Quick bucket UM
9 minutes left.


Sims takes a foul under the basket for an offensive foul. 4th on sims.

Udoh back in. thank god.

Offensive foul on IU as Udoh plays some solid d.

Petway misses the dunk on a great feed by Abram.

Another foul on IU on offensive end. Majerous is just going on about Petway.
Udoh to the line.
Hits first. 14 point game. swish on second 13 point game

How in god's name is tha a fucking foul????
the home court calls are nauseating.

back to 15 after two ft.
foul on coleman's three.
hits first. hits second. hits third. 12 point game.

7:35 left. Majerous is actually complementing Amaker. First time all game.

Can we hire Majerous? Please? Send him to blimpy, he'll love it.

D Sims blocks IU drive.

Harris at point. Coleman fouled inside.
Coleman to shoot 1&1
6:53 left. hits first. Hits econd 10 point game.

Udoh commits foul on tough d on white. ball rolled out. White misses ft. need to go right at him.
D. Sims drives hard to lane. IU player down a little while. Abram commits 4th foul.
Sims makes rb.

Udoh takes jump shot that rims out, but gets fouled.

Bricks first.
Shit. C. Sims back in.
Baker in too.
Udoh hits second 10 point game
48-58. Udoh out.
White goes right at Siims.
Sims to petway. Dunk 10 points.
IU hits in lane despite block by baker.

Another foul on IU.
C Sims to the line.
hits first. DJ White back in. Gotta go right at him.Sims hits second 10 point game.

Runner in the lane that hits.
Coleman draws foul. He's having a great second half.
Hits first. Hits second. 4 minutes.

Petway grabs board.
Sims actually hits a crucial fg!
Petway blocks White Sims stands around and watches then fouls out. Good friggin ridance...
10 point game with white going to line.
Udoh should be in the game from here out. hopefully he'll be the spark we need.

White hits ft. 11 points.

Abram hits a back door cut!
TO Mich.

2:52 left. 9 point game.

Gotta go right at White.

Harris commits quick foul. no time off the clock.
Calloway to line. misses first. White out. hits second 10 point game.

Coleman blocked and leads to fast break layin by IU.
12 points.

Harris air balls three.

2 minutes.

Petway fouls out.

12 point game. 13 point game. 14 point game.

Abram misses but goes up strong. fouled.

1:20 left.
Fire Amaker.

13 point game, misses second.
Abram fouls out.

14 point game. 15 point game.

Baker bricks long three.

ball game.
Calloway adds insult to injury.

This team sucks.

A 15 point loss where Michigan allowed Indiana to shot 60% from three. Courtney Sims is useless. Whenever he's on the floor Michigan gets smoked. What a let down.