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Michigan Falls Apart Then Simply Falls at Indiana

There's little to take away from Michigan's latest huge disappointing road failure. Well maybe a thing or two. Michigan went to the free throw line 35 times compared to Indiana's 18 trips, and Michigan only turned the ball over 10 times total. Yea. Everything else was an indictment of both the coaching and the senior leadership on this team.  

Courtney Sims has turned into where Michigan rallies and victories go to die. Every time he did one thing to help his team he did two to hurt it. His defense was akin to putting a paper towel on a fire in an effort to extinguish the flame. Sims was constantly bullied under the hoop by DJ and Mike White or driven directly at by Indiana's guards. He provided little defensive help and less on the offensive end. Whenever Michigan fed Sims the ball down low he would seemingly do everything in his power to take himself out of shooting position. Sims would try to post up 15 feet from the rim. When he finally got the ball within 3 feet of the rim, he would crouch down and cower before weakly attempting to take the ball to the hoop next to men 3 inches shorter than him. Honestly, he should never start another game in a Michigan uniform. He is a best a second string bench player and should play as one. Oh wait. He has.

Michigan's three point defense and defensive rotation were absent for most of the game, particularly in the first 10 minutes of both halves. Michigan, knowing full well Indiana was an outside shooting team with two guys who can shoot inside of the three-point line, decided not to contest any of Indiana's first half three point shots. Their interior defense wasn't much better, allowing Indiana to easily split the lane and abuse Courtney Sims some more.

When Michigan finally tourniquetted the bleeding from the three point line Indiana shived them down low using a pair of large men named white. The only Michigan big man who showed any ability to actually play defense was Epke Udoh who played 25 minutes and only managed to record one foul (as compared to Sims fouling out). Offensively the only difference at this point, output wise, between Sims and Udoh is free throw shooting. In terms of post moves Udoh goes hard to the rim when in position, however neither can shoot outside of five feet. Still, if I were Amaker Udoh would start from here out.

Making matters even more frustrating, despite the fact Michigan trailed by 20 points halfway through the second half, they actually made a game of it.  Michigan clawed to within 9 points with 3 minutes left. Michigan was hot. Then Sims came back into the game. Coleman made a nice cut to the hoop amidst Indiana's zone defense and left loose a nice running shot that unfortunately was three inches too low to avoid Mike White's outstretched arm. White's emphatic rejection and the subsequent fast break lay in sealed the Indiana win.

The moment Sims fouled out looking incredulously at the official for his application of the rule book that Sims has yet to read Petway sat on his knees slamming the court with both of his hands, wondering, begging for answers as to what they have to do to get a win on foreign soil. In the background you could see Harris angrily yelling at Sims as he turned away from Michigan's littlest big man. This had all come about as Michigan had come within 9 points and Petway had blocked White's most recent shot. Instead of the ball going over to Michigan and Sims waiting arms, it went to White who promptly muscled past Sims and scored.
Brent. Trust me. The disgust you felt is shared by your fan base.

Michigan faces Iowa at home on Wednesday. After two straight conference embarrassments Michigan must win to keep its ever fading tournament hopes alive.

Tip off is at 8 EST.