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God Loves College Football: Orgeron Gets Extension

Orgeron to Grind Bones & Strangle Bears at Ole' Miss until 2010 When His Final Transformation Into The Leviathan Of Death, Destroyer of Worlds Is Scheduled to be Completed

After what can only be termed as a "successful" 4-8 season in the Heart of the Ole' South, Ed Orgeron was awarded a 2 year extension on his Head Coaching contract which will keep him at Ole' Miss through the 2010 season.

The Orgeron, Relishing His Contract Extension, Prepares to Fight Sub-Zero in a Celebratory Battle to the Death

For those of you wondering how after a 4-8 season The Orgeron could receive such a lucrative contract extension need to understand the strength of The Orgeron's negotiating stance. The Orgeron prepares for contract negotiations by drinking the blood of those who wish to negotiate with him. The Orgeron does not negotiate. He dictates. And the dictation must be in perfect Orgeronian. Otherwise the Orgeron will rend you like a buffalo wing and gorge on the sweet chewy goodness that is you spinal column.

Really this is just another excuse to run the Orgeron song.