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Initial Thoughts on Michigan's 48-21 Win Over Purdue

Sunday night I sat down with my computer and tried to put my thoughts on the game in some discernable form. I thought I'd done that with some success. When I tried to post those thoughts this morning I thought everything had gone smoothly. Unfortunately, they had not, and you'll have to wait 24 hours for my more eloquent (i.e., scribbled in crayon) dissertation on Saturday's 48-21 victory over Purdue.

However, it's Monday and you're starved for information, so here are some preliminary thoughts on the win.


1.    Did we actually change our play calling?

2.    Yes. Yes we did. Imagine, a world where a fullback in motion isn't a tell tale sign of the direction we're running. Every time I thought we were throwing rock, we threw paper. At least for one game the walls of the insane asylum that have trapped our offense came tumbling down.

3.    Mike Hart is now the leading rusher in Division 1A. Please God, let Hart heal quickly.

4.    Aside from a "how the hell do you allow a blind side sack on 10!?" brain cramp, the line looked as good as it has since the Ohio State game last year. I thought the right side with Schilling and Ortman actually looked pretty good. Boren played well too and I think that might have something to do with a decent partner on his right side.

5.    Welcome back Mario.

6.    Hart's roll over TD run should earn him the Heisman by itself.

7.    One of these days teams are going to realize Adrian Arrington is our third down receiver. I will continue to laugh and giggle every time he catches a 3rd and 14 pass for a first down until they do.

8.    After high school, I thought was "homecoming" really just another word to describe how drunk you got in high school or how lonely you were. Until this weekend I never really thought it meant anything in a college setting. Watching the Alumni band and cheerleaders I came to realize "homecoming" is as important after college as before. 60 year old men were doing back flips while 50 year olds were blasting away on a Maize n Blue tuba, complete with the winged helm... er... bell. Homecoming reminded me how much being a Michigan alum means to people. Not just as an athletic program, but as a part of life and character. These men and women keep coming back for one more chance to wear their uniform. One more chance to be a part of something bigger than themselves. One more chance to be a Wolverine on game day. The transformative power of homecoming revealed itself when you looked at these men and women. Instead of grandparents many times over, if you looked in their eyes you saw them as they were when they first donned their uniforms. Teenagers having the times of their lives. It was something special to behold.

9.    KC Lopata looks like Garret Rivas. God loves chunky field goal kickers.

10.    I was thrilled to see Carlos Brown get on track. He's had a rough year. Fumbles. Limited carries. A college career like a merry-go-round. Then, when given the opportunity, he shined. Brown had 66 yards and 2 TDs off of some inspired running. We finally got to see the outside speed we'd so desperately hoped he bring to the table. On his 29 yard touchdown run Brown finally managed to reach the outside of the line and from there he was gone. He may be the fastest back since Touchdown Tim and it was nice to see his perseverance pay off.

11.    Henne was very good. Unfortunately he made two or three throws that made me cringe. One in particular that should've been picked off if not for a clearly startled DB. He still makes a bonehead throw every now and then, but show me a quarterback in college football (or for that matter the pros) that doesn't. He's playing like he has a chip on his shoulder. That's makes me happy.

12.    Is it just me or has Carson Butler learned how to block?


1.    Our secondary is actually pretty good. Donovan Warren could be the cockiest cornerback to play at Michigan since Charles Woodson. He didn't stop yapping the entire game. And you know what the most impressive thing is? He's got both the game and skill to back it up.

2.    Brandent Englemon is a stud. He deserves serious consideration for the Thorpe award.

3.    Terrance Taylor looked like a different player. He was gobbling up double teams and even found his way into the backfield for a sack. I don't think it's a coincidence that his play has improved as Johnson has gotten healthy and Slocum and Sagesse are starting to take a little of the playing time.

4.    I'm convinced Brandon Graham and Tim Jamison are going to meet at the quarterback and cause an atomic event. If they hit the quarterback at the right speed the two masses could crush the quarterback on a subatomic level. Maybe we can use this to power the State of Michigan.

5.    The Linebackers weren't great, but they weren't bad either. Push.

6.    There are still some lingering tackling issues that will come back to bite us if they're not fixed. What's that? Oh. You're right. Too late.

7.     We're tied with Ohio State for the Conference lead. Did anyone think this was a legitimate possibility after the first two weeks of the season. If you're saying yes right now, you're a liar.

Any one else got some thoughts?