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Maize n Ballot: Week 8

Rank Team Delta
1 Ohio State 2
2 Boston College 2
3 LSU 2
4 Oklahoma 1
5 California 3
6 South Carolina --
7 Oregon --
8 South Florida --
9 Kentucky 2
10 Virginia Tech 3
11 Arizona State 5
12 Florida --
13 West Virginia 2
14 Kansas 7
15 Southern Cal 1
16 Missouri 6
17 Auburn 7
18 Tennessee 7
19 Virginia 4
20 Cincinnati 11
21 Kansas State 5
22 Michigan 4
23 Texas Tech 3
24 Georgia 2
25 Boise State 1

Dropped Out: Illinois (#17), Texas A&M (#18), Wisconsin (#19), Florida State (#20), Indiana (#22).

Yet another bizarre week in college football. Perhaps California should drop further, but I'm disinclined to punish them too harshly as they almost pulled out a victory against a respectable team without their starting QB. LSU/Kentucky was a classic, so LSU doesn't fall far.

Why no love for USF? Pounding on a cupcake with your toughest opponents upcoming doesn't mean much to me. Yeah UCF gave Texas a tough go, but do you see Texas on my ballot? The win over Auburn is arguably the best endorsement of their candidacy for the top slot, but being outgained constantly by their quality opponents will bite them in the ass eventually. Before you go crazy, please note that they are 8th on my ballot, so its not like I threw them onto the tundra in a loin cloth. However, they are probably a great match up against Oregon speed wise, so a flip flop may be in order.

After 16 it's a mess. I'm loathe to put Texas, Georgia or Michigan back in the top 25, but there two of them are. Michigan's win was the most convincing of the three, but none of them are particularly impressive. Am I missing something? Don't say Hawaii. they don't exist to me after barely surviving the first half of their schedule and Washington and Boise waiting to pig blap them later in the year. If the warriors beat them, then we'll talk.

Take a look and give me some help. This season is driving me crazy.