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10 Thoughts on Michigan 34 Minnesota 10

Posting will be light today. Too much on my plate.

10 Thoughts On The Game:

1. The defense was good, but there are still problems with runs up the gut. Minnesota broke off far too many 25 or 30 yard scampers right up the middle for me to be confident that we can contain Ringer, Hill or Wells.

2. Linebacker play was better, as evidenced by Chris Graham leading the team in tackles and Ezeh's name being mentioned on just about every tackle in the first half. However, item one on this list means they're not world beaters yet. The safeties are still making WAY too many plays on the running game.

3. At some point the coaches should probably work with Mallett on securing the ball before he pulls out from under center. It's becoming a bit worrisome.

4. I really hope Steve Schilling is hurt. Because if he's healthy and getting steamrolled like he did against Minnesota, we're in trouble. And so is he.

5. Carlos Brown and Brandon Minor were awesome. Brown got yanked when he put the ball on the carpet early, but came back and ran very, very well. Minor still runs far too upright for my tastes, but clearly overpowered the Minnesota defensive line. Both guys came up big and allowed us to rest Hart for a second week.

6. Center and guard play were, like, soooooooooooooo much better. We don't break off 85 yarders without gigantic holes like the ones I saw on Saturday.

7. Mario Manningham needs to start referring to Mario Manningham in the third person so Mario Manningham can give Mario Manningham the proper distance and objectivity to discuss how truly great Mario Manningham is. When Mario Manningham is on, Mario Manningham is the best player in the conference, save Mike Hart.

8. I hadn't been to a Michigan hockey game at Yost in years. The old barn is still beautiful. So was Michigan's play. Save an ugly turnover by Billy Sauer behind his own net, Michigan played damn near flawless in pounding on Boston University. I've heard the hockey team referred to as a bunch of second line players, but second liners that go four lines deep. If that's the case, Michigan's going to be a lot better this year than last. Michigan's never been short on stars, but over the last few years has been a bit short on depth. This year it's the opposite. Personally, I like the make up of the team. I saw a team that's willing to outwork its opponents, and that will translate into a lot of wins.

9. Back to football, it looked like we continued to change up our play calling on first down, but I was still able to predict far too many plays. I'd expect more trickery out of DeBord the next three weeks than we saw against Minnesota. This was a team DeBord knew we should pound, so he kept things pretty simple. With Mallett and Minor/Brown, in I can't blame him.

10. Michigan State lost to Iowa. Does that make anyone else nervous about Saturday or am I just being paranoid?

Blog Poll Ballot up tomorrow.