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Live Blog: Michigan Wisconsin

Ball game. TD wisco. Barring miracle Wisco wins. so pissed.,p> Chris Graham is useless. he shy's away from the fb and fails to even remotely engage the rb. horrid.

4:30 left. Manningham gave up on that route. He's alternating between awesome and horrid.

wisco ball at the 30.

dumb dumb dumb dumb.

Mallett gets sacked at the 11 and a hold. ugh.

Oh good god that should've been picked. 1dn anyway

Matthews first down at 11.

5:52 left. 21-23 wisco. going to have a heart attack.

pass inc. wisco to punt.

false start wisco. now 3&13

rush middle. stopped by adams.

back up in.

Ezeh on blitz absolutely kills Donovan. clean hit. No flag. 15th hit on donovan. Got him in the shoulder. Donovan holding his hand/arm.

Warren gets torched. Completion to the mich 44.

first time in the game Wisco doesn't make the 30 on a kick off.

21-23 with 7:31 left.

HOLY SHIT!!!! Arrington puts us within 3! bomb to Arrington in corner of endzone!!!!

barely overthrows arrington on corner route to arrington on a blitz. beautiful pass.

This is a different team all of a sudden.

Wow. Minor with HARD run to the left.

Henne looks like a coach. Arrington drops a 8 yard pass.

Schilling getting beat again. defensive holding bails us out.

Manham blows another td on a drop.

OMG. What the hell just happened? Bulter gets beat. mallett about to get sacked and gives to butler? 1dn?

Wisconsin now doing best MSU impression. smacks Mallett in the helmet. dumb.

Donovan Warren field the kick then runs into Matthews. Wow.

Adams saves out bacon on consecutive plays. 4 plays and out. breathe. breathe.

why is it our safeties have to make every tackle?

Lovely. Mallett chucks the ball to basically no one. Intercepted. jackass. That was the worst throw I've seen out of him.

um. 3 and out. where the hell was this? Wisconsin helping Michigan right now. 4th quarter and they're throwing? the coaching staff is retarded.

Raise your hand if you saw that throw coming. 97 yard td pass. I'm shocked. 14-23.

Can anyone on the defense tackle? Seriously? How does it take four guys to miss a tackle before the fifth holds on for dear life.

Warren got beat, on replay, bad bad angle for tackle. another wisco first down.

No pressure on QB. all pressure getting pushed outside.

How does a crappy white quarteback run out Crable?

Ron Dayne, moron.

PJ Hill in the wisco backfield. Shocker. 8 yards off bad linebacker play.

Mallett=navarre. Goddammit.

Bad throw by Mallett, lucky it didn't get picked.

Brown gets 3-4 every time. No more minor. please.

Go Blue! Don't Suck! Mich ball on the 37 of Wisc.

Muffed punt! Stevie Brown makes the recovery! (crap punt by mesko).

Didn't pick up the blitz. Brown took the inside rusher and mallett threw it away. Finally, Brown back in with a 5 yard run.

Tentative runback by Brown. ugh. PJ Hill will be back in.

7-20 Wisconsin on top at the half. I've taken to drinking to avoid the harsh reality that has been this game. If our linebackers and line don't start producing, well, we're screwed. The offensive line has been a disaster as well. They look flat ever since the Henne INT. Play Brown goddammit, we need the homerun threat if Hart isn't playing.

The defense comes up with a stop, but the fact they haven't been able to stop wisconsin on third and long at least six times is inexcusable. The linebackers have been terrible.

How the fuck does that happen? How? four guys have a shot at the QB and fuck it up. My wife accurately calls it "Notre Dame-esque"

Warren got beat earlier on excellent coverage, but is sticking to Beckum pretty well.

Lot of low blocks by wisconsin backs. Someone please realize they're going low every goddamn time and avoid it.

Kick off coverage still sucks.

First pass to Manningham = TD. Please throw him the damn ball. Still a little bitter. Michigan got lucky on Mallett's questionable throw to Matthews. Michigan gets it's first call of the game.

Um, I have no idea how that was a catch. Mallett should've scramblesd

Wisconsin is burying Minor. I really don't know why he's in. Brown's the better back.

Minor gets smacked in the back of the helmet while he's on the ground and no call.

Nice throw. Please look at Manningham.

God. Shades of Navarre. panicked scramble averted.

16-0. This is fucking ridiculous.

Linebacker contain is horrific right now. Can anyone maintain their right side responsibilities?

Ezeh reads the screen beautifully.

Another slow start for Michigan. What's bugging me the most is Wisconsin is reading every running play and forcing UM to be one dimensional. Granted if Mallett takes a little off his throw to arrington we're 7-10. Manningham and the line barking at Mallett is not a good sign.

Long and boren get beat. WTF is going on?

Went deep, nice play, just enough of a bump to slow arrington.

WTF is up with our run blocking? right side is getting crushed. Oh wait. that's been happening all year.

Mallett takes his time on 1dn. nice pass to Arrington! 1dn.

Nice stop on 3 &1. FG good. 0-10 Wisconsin. Good stop after screwing the pooch on TE coverage.

Henne's done for the game. pads off. heat on the shoulder. This game is all on Mallett. Could be good. Could be bad. But it's all on Ryan now.

Odd. We can stop the stuff on the corners with Wisco's backs but can't do anything up the middle.

Dear defense. Please cover Travis Beckum. Thnx! XOXO

Mesko booms it, actually the closest guy to force KR out of bounds. All hail Zoltan.

third and 10. Mallett had time and no one open, forced to eat it and gets sacked. held onto ball though. Things are looking up!

Mitchell barking at Mallett over running the play clock. Great start guys. Henne being out is starting to scare me and it's only the first quarter.

Delayed run by Minor, read like a book by Wisconsin. Dammit.

Mallett looks alright. Probably should've run. 2&10

Alright. I'm home for once. Live blog time.

3:38 left in the first. Mallett in. Crable is clotheslining the whole Wisconsin team.

0-7 badgers.

3 & 1 for michigan at near midfield.

First down minor