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Michigan Fans: Assume Fetal Position, Begin Crying

Please don't let this be true.

MGoBlog is reporting/rumormongering that Kirk Ferentz has been offered the Michigan head football coaching job. He is also rumormongering citing several posts from various sources that Kirk Ferentz has/will accept the position including posts at The acceptance of said position is noted to be speculative at this point, but it is still scary enough to make me nauseous.

Please. Let this not be true. Ferentz is not a good coach. He is not a good recruiter. He is not a top 25 coach and possibly not even a top 50 coach. I have no idea why or how he is even being considered for the job.

There is enough bitching and back biting amongst the message-boarders on to give me some hope that the news of Ferentz impending arrival is incorrect.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to throw up now.

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