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Friday Happy Hour Readies for Badgers, Radford, Hateration Holleration

Ow! Wisconsin - 24 out of 25. 13 straight games. That's how long it's been since Wisconsin lost at home, and just how good they are on Cheese State soil. It's a pretty impressive streak when you think about it, and it dates back to 2005. You remember 2005. The pain? Make it stop. Please?

Anyway while Camp Randall is a fairly significant home field advantage, it's really only as effective as the players that take the field. One thing Wisconsin won't have this week is a healthy team. Unlike Michigan, a number of Wisconsin's key contributors are either no-gos or probable no-gos. On the "Ain't Gonna Play, no way, no how" list, the Badgers will definitely miss starting CB Allen Langford and DT Jason Chapman. Both are done for the season with knee injuries.

On the slim but possible list are PJ Hill and starting right tackle Eric Vanden Heuvel. The big question is whether PJ Hill will suit up for the Badgers. At this point Wisconsin is relatively tight lipped about Hill's status, stating that he is questionable for Saturday. Hill suffered a bone bruise in his leg or foot against Indiana that hasn't healed and caused him to miss last week's game. Where the bone bruise actually is, is anyone's guess. Wisconsin has hinted Hill might play, but the bookies have him as questionable for Saturday. If Hill can't play freshman Zach Brown or sophomore Lance Smith will get the call. Brown was pretty much useless against OSU, so expect Smith to see some playing time either way.

With regard to Vanden Heuvel, He didn't practice on Thursday and only just came out of his walking boot from an ankle injury. Vanden Heuvel is a veteran, so he may be able to suck it up and play on Saturday without practicing. If he does expect Michigan to bum rush him at every opportunity. There are some additional injury and personnel issues for the Badgers. Accord to the Wisconsin State Journal:

Left guard Andy Kemp (broken finger) has practiced all week and it appears he will be ready. That means redshirt freshman John Moffitt, who started for Kemp the past three games, will move to right guard and Kraig Urbik will start at right tackle, the position he played as a redshirt freshman.

That Man Has No Fear - Owen Schmidt of West Fuckin' Virginia is crazy. He eats nails, drinks Drano, and pisses hydrochloric acid. He thinks heroine is for pussies and mainlines small pox for a cheap high. He's impregnated a wood chipper. His vacations consist of molesting lions in the wild and camping on the moon. No spacesuits, none of that pansy shit, bear ass naked on the dark side of the moon. His bris involved a jackhammer.

If anyone has video of this mohawked psycho mashing his forehead with his own fucking helmet last night please forward it to me. Please. I beg you. It was Boz-tastic, and must live one as a prelude to any discussion of football or chamber music. At least until the joke runs dry. Seriously. Email it to me. Maizenbrewdave-at-gmail-dot-com.

You, sir, are one scary motherfucker.

Update [2007-11-9 18:40:47 by Maize n Brew Dave]:: So happy. Reader Kyle was kind enough to forward me the You Tube linkage of ManBearPig's sinus clearing forehead to helmet rampage, embeded below for your enjoyment. After the game Schmitt reportedly attempted to stab himself in the leg to see if he could feel pain. I say "attempted" because the knife shattered on impact.

Where the Hell is Radford? - The now Smith-less Michigan Wolverines welcome Radford to Crisler in their season opener tonight.

I had no idea where Radford was so I did a little research. Radford is a public university and graduate school located in Radford, Virginia, with a student population of roughly 9,000 students. Founded in 1910, Radford is currently a member of the Big South conference. The basketball team won eight games last year. Eight. Enjoy the game folks!

As usual the Ann Arbor News and Nathan Fenno are your one stop shop for basketball information. Fenno's got 40 Things That Are Different this year with Michigan Basketball and a great snapshot of the team. If you're a basketball fan, it's required reading.

Hateration, Holleration Up In This Dancery - People apparently hate Michigan. It's probably because we're better than you, and we know it.

White Goodman Likes Michigan. Oh Yeah!

Festival of Linkage - Blogs I have been remiss in not linking to:

The guys formerly behind Buckeye Lane have put together a great new basketball website called College Basketball Reference. Be sure to check it out.

Sparty On! - At last, there is a second MSU blogger that post regularly!

Big Ten Chronicle - Keeping you up to date on all the happy-haps around the Big Ten.

I already link to these guys, but MOTSAG put up a piece on OSU's conference domination over the last three years. Seriously. Holy crap.

Let me know if there are blogs out there I'm missing.