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Thursday Happy Hour: Michigan Coaching Candidates Prepare for the Gathering, Basketball Tops 100

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Happy Hour's a little short today because things are fairly quiet right now. However, there is a small update on the Michigan coaching search and some good news from the Basketball team. Happy Thursday everyone.

KC Keeler Seeks Immortality, the Quickening and Michigan Coaching Job

A couple of days ago I mentioned the possibility of KC Keeler, the head coach of D1-AA Delaware, as a candidate for the Michigan head coaching position. CSTV is reporting Keeler is being seriously considered as a candidate for the Michigan job. Well, apparently this line of thought is picking up a little steam because Delaware Online is reporting Keeler is a candidate (HT: EDSBS). Even the Free Press is mentioning it.

While its just a rumor, it has provided us with one glorious quote from Keeler:

It is, obviously, an honor to ever be mentioned for a job of any magnitude, especially one like that. However, I am trying to get immortality [...]. There's nothing more important to me than that. And that's all the kids care about, too.

This quote is taken completely out of context and in the [...] he says, "and immortality is a national championship." But I don't care. It's much funnier with that excerpted. KC Keeler doesn't need your moral baubles or coaching positions, he is preparing for "The Gathering." When all are one!

I have the power! Aye, the quickening that empowers me! I feel everything! I know... I know everything! I am everything!

On a side note, I mention Cowher? Boom, Free Press mention.

Time to start putting this Jedi mind trick to good use. Brian Billick and Heidi Klum should be interviewed for the Michigan coaching job.

How do you convince 18 year old kids to freeze their asses off in the middle of Michigan for five years?

That's How

Michigan Hangs 103 on Oakland

Two weeks ago Michigan was beaten soundly by Harvard. A week ago Michigan got thumped by Duke. This time it was the Wolverines turn to deliver a pounding. Michigan absolutely shellacked Oakland University on Wednesday, topping the Grizzlies 103-87.

DeShawn Sims continued an excellent start to the season with 22 and Manny Harris continues to be a force, leading the team with 24 points. The team still has a long way to go, but things are looking up. Oakland lost to MSU by 4 points early in the season and while these sorts of things don't translate too well, it's still encouraging.

In other news, Jerret Smith's future with the team remains up in the air. Smith missed the Oakland game due to academic related issues and no time frame has been set for his return. Kelvin Grady has taken over the ball handling responsibilities and looks like a true keeper at point guard.

Another sign of improvement from the basketball team was to 20/13 assist to turnover ratio. For the life of me I cannot remember a time the A/T ratio was positive under Amaker.

Other Coaches, Other Places

The Arkansas Razorbacks were kind enough to save Bobby Petrino from all that money he was making with the Atlanta Falcons and all those nasty expectations by throwing lots of money his way and replacing those unrealistic professional expectations with unrealistic collegiate expectations. What the hell is it with Louisville coaches?