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Bill Martin Sails Into West Virginia, Pillages Morgantown, Leaves with Rodriguez

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Bill Martin is a fucking Viking. Not any of that Beowulf crap you see in the theaters. He is a stone cold, ruthless stalker who gets what he wants however he wants it.

Martin Lands at Morgantown

All that sailing you heard about? Just practice. Vikings travel by water. They land on your shores under the cover of night and lite your little village ablaze. Then they sail away into the darkness with whatever they want, leaving nothing but tears and destruction in their wake.

Martin's Sailing Trip

Today's hire of Rich Rodriguez away from West Virginia marks Martin's second vicious raid on Morgantown. You'd think the Mountaineers would've built a defense or two after he stole Beilein out from under them less than six months ago. Instead, Morgantown was caught unawares once more, and now burns with the light of a thousand suns.

Bill Martin Does Not Care about Your Village

Bill Martin wants you to doubt him. He wants you to think he is weak and clueless. Believe he is old and frail. Go ahead. The second you turn around he'll bury an axe in your skull.