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Rich Rodriguez Re-Hires RB Coach Fred Jackson: Let the McGuffie Speculation Begin

Thor is truly benevolent. Thor sees talent. Thor keeps talent.

Thor had better not rehire English.

Rodriguez announced on "The Mike Tirico Show" that running backs coach Fred Jackson had been rehired along with a significant portion of the administrative staff. The retention of Jackson was seen by anyone following Michigan's recruiting class as the key to keeping standout Texas Cy Fair Running Back Sam McGuffie. The chances of McGuffie sticking by his commitment are substantially better at this point, but who knows how this will play out. He had narrowed his decision down to A&M and Michigan, and now both have new head coaches. McGuffie's speed will play well in Rodriguez' system, but recruiting's been somewhat dodgy the last few weeks so anything is possible. My money's on McGuffie staying put now that Jackson's staying on board.

He left the door open for a number of other rehires, but declined to make specific examples. We'll have to see who comes back, but here's a breakdown of who's left.

Rodriguez, in Cape, Making Personnel Decisions


Mike DeBord, OC - Sooooo not coming back. Firedfiredfiredfiredfiredfired. Cast to the valley of despair without a second thought.

Scott Loeffler, Quarterbacks Coach - Good at recruiting statuesque quarterbacks with arms made out of jet fuel and feet made out of lead. A total unknown at recruiting the fast and fleet of foot athletes required by Rodriguez' system. Well, not a total unknown, he's just never done it. I'm guessing he's gone, track record or not.

Erik Campbell, Wide Receivers - Gotta bring him back. Too good a recruiter to let go and too good a coach. I'll be pissed if he doesn't come back, Thor or no Thor.

Andy Moeller, Offensive Line Coach - Not so much. Bye bye.


Ron English, Defensive Coordinator - Gonzo. History. Not coming back. A failed 4-3 to a 3-3-5? No chance.

Steve Strippling, Defensive Line Coach - A surprise candidate to return after the dismal failure of this year's line. Your guess is as good as mine. Buzz is he's coming back.

Steve Szabo, Linebackers Coach - Personally, I want him back, but I have no idea if he returns. He's been a recruiting monster according to rivals/scout but I'm not sure how much of that to take with a grain of salt. Really tough year and a new system don't bode well for his return.

Vance Bedford, Secondary Coach - Another guy I hope Rodriguez retains. Solid recruiter and an excellent coach. The DBs and safeties were excellent after the second game of the year. Still, the first two games are a definitive strike against. Raise your hand if you thought this group would recover after the ASU and Oregon torchings? I didn't think so. Unfortunately, I've got his return at less than 45% based on Rodriguez' success recruiting corners.

Mike Gittleson, Strength and Conditioning - Gonegonegonegonegonegone.