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Tuesday Night Showdown

Michigan Plays Michigan State Tonight To See Who Goes to The NIT First

For the first time since 1997 Michigan State is honestly in danger of missing the NCAA tournament. After dropping four straight games, the Spartans welcome a paradigm-wrapped-in-an-enigma Michigan team that can't decide whether it wants to play like UCLA or a NyQuil addled Northwestern team.

There's nothing you can write about this team. Really. You never have a clue what they'll look like or how they're going to perform. They can play four freshman and almost eek out a win against OSU or play all seniors and barely scrape one out against the Gophers.

I can't figure them out. They can't figure them out. I'm sick of it. Why the hell did Udoh play only 9 minutes? Why? Did he miss practice? Is he in trouble? There is no excuse for sitting him for 90% of the game when Lester Abram turns the ball over 4 times. Though Smith took decent care of the ball, did anyone else notice that he didn't take a shot all game?

No more. My head can't take it. Michigan plays MSU tonight in East Lansing. If they win my faith will be somewhat restored, but weakened. Lose and this long four year nightmare will be over.