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On Tap: Busy Days Ahead

It's Friday. You and your buddies are already planning to leave work early. Instead, the boss dumps a pile on your chair at 1pm and says "Get To It." Instead of a frosty beer in hand you're sitting at your desk wondering what's

On Tap

  1. Strange (Recruiting) Days
  2. Fire Amaker, Or Don't, no, wait, Fire Him
  3. Things That Must Be Seen To Be Believed
What a Difference a Day Makes - At noon yesterday the majority of the Michigan faithful who follow recruiting with even the slightest interest had to believe the sky was about to fall. The message boards were so crowded with gloom and doom that even Jim Carty of the Ann Arbor news wrote an article on it and the recruitment of Rojo (Know who he is? That's part of the point). Michigan looked like it was about to lose out on it's most likely signee at cornerback, a place where Michigan is DESPERATELY deficient, and have nothing to show for months of recruiting. There were holes on the Defensive line. Holes in our coaching. Holes everywhere. Holes!

Then at 3pm Ginormous French Canadian Defensive tackle Renaldo Sagesse decommitted from Illinois (take that Zook!) and committed to Michigan. Sagesse is 6-4, 320 pounds of French fury who runs a sub 5 second 40. Um. That's really good, especially when Michigan's recruiting at that position had been noticeably lacking.

The good momentum carried through the evening as five star soon-to-be-USC-corner Donovan Warren shocked the hell out of everyone following Michigan's recruiting efforts and committed to Michigan over hometown USC. Warren, as discussed yesterday is a stud. He's 6-1, 185 with space to grow, 4.4 40, and the #4 rated CB in the 2007 class. Awesome.

Now only 3 of Michigan's 5 big fish remain unaccounted for: MI CB Ronald Johnson (a presumed Michigan lock, then hates Michigan, then loves them again, then hates, then takes our calls and wants to be friends); IN S Jerimy Finch (ditto); and TN WR Rashad Mason (seemingly sane, Michigan lean over a host of low end southern SEC schools).

We'll have an answer on them soon enough, four days and counting.

Fire Amaker? - Despite the fact that Michigan Basketball Commits Alex Legion, Manny Harris and Kelvin Grady continue to have MONSTER high school games, Michigan still sucks with the recruiting Amaker has on the floor. Michigan blew an 11 point halftime lead to lose by 7 to a (now) 12-10 Iowa team that couldn't find its ass with both hands, a flashlight, a GPS, and a transponder lodged halfway up the colon. It was that bad a loss.

It also seemingly took Michigan out of the NCAA's barring planet stopping upsets of OSU and MSU, and winning games on the road against suddenly resurgent Minnesota team. Several members of the Detroit/Ann Arbor media are already burying Amaker. Hell even Drew Sharp is correct in taking the Michigan Administration to task for their "oh who cares" approach to both the men's and women's basketball programs. That's how bad the problem is. I said "Drew Sharp is correct" and didn't laugh myself silly or vomit up my intestines from using those words in combination.

Then there are crazy people. Fire this guy too, I don't care if he writes nice things about Manny Harris.

The Exploit-o-Meter - Just more reasons to love SMQ. Behold the Exploitation Index where SMQ breaks down how much money each conference is making, adjusted for expenditures, off of their student athletes. Just breathtaking work.