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On Tap Returns: Prohibition Lifted

Sorry for the absence. Work hit me harder than Michigan's turnover problems.

Here's what's


1. Michigan loses spirited game of "See Who Can Lose The Game" to Indiana. Before we get too wrapped up in "Michigan Can Make The Tournament" fever, consider the following from Nathan Fenno:

[Michigan's] ratings percentage index (RPI) is No. 57, with the three other teams in the Top 50. And Michigan's strength of schedule (No. 50) is the only one among the teams not in the Top 30. Dragging Michigan's RPI down is the damaging home loss to Iowa last month and a nonconference schedule that included eight teams with losing records and seven teams with RPIs below 200.

Not helping matters is the fact Michigan travels to Illinois tonight, a place they haven't won since 1995. Following that home games against Michigan State and Ohio State will determine which tournament Michigan goes to. (For the record I'm not even going to mention the Minnesota game. They lose that game it's time to burn things).

Going 3-1 in their last four should garner a tournament invite by virtue of an improved RPI and a victory over either MSU or OSU. That should be good enough. Even so, Michigan's schedule may still weigh them down enough to miss the NCAAs again. Further if Michigan goes 2-2 in their last four and finished .500 in the Big Ten there's no way in hell they make the tournament barring a run to the Big Ten tournament finals. If that's the case, Michigan's got no one to blame but themselves for their schedule and their inability to take home winnable games.

2. Appa-fucking-lachian State is now on our schedule. My ability to mock Kyle and Peter just went out the window. Bill Martin is officially on notice.

3. Fire Amaker.

4. University of Illinois bans The Chief. This is the only time rednecks and the political correctness freaks will ever be happy at the same time.

5. Gonzaga beings to live up to its well deserved reputation to being a Chuck Yeager type testing ground for the latest in mind bending horticulture. Their second leading scorer was busted with an ounce of the happiest kind of mushrooms. I wonder if the cop looked like this when he found them...

6. All of a sudden that loss to MSU doesn't look that bad. Neitzel/Hanibal Lecter torched the Badgers for 28 as the Spartans closed the game with a 16-6 run to blast Wisconsin in East Lansing. Further proof that Izzo is a bad, bad man.

7. Jim Carty takes a look at the Big Ten Scheduling debate. Well worth the read.

8. Michigan Senior forward Lester Abram was arrested yesterday for driving on a suspended license and without insurance. That's just not good news.