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On Tap: Frothy Recruiting Lager, Off-Probation Porter, Lloyd Light

It's post-Super Bowl Monday. You've got a hangover that could kill and elephant. But you know what will help you beat back that green feeling? Mosey on up to the bar, a little hair of the dog will get you thru the day. Bartender. What's

On Tap:

  1. P-R-A-Y F-O-R R-O-J-O
  2. Hoops Recruiting Looking Good. Fire Amaker Anyway.
  3. Alabama Finally Off Probation. Holds Up Liquor Store To Celebrate.
  4. No Rental Carr.
  5. Was Our Defense really that much better than in 2005?
Johnson To USC. World Continues Spinning - Ronald Johnson finally made it official this weekend, he ain't going to Michigan. In a-not-to-surprising CB swap, Johnson (a presumed Michigan lock) went west to USC in what amounted to a trade for Donovan Warren (a presumed USC lock).

Not a whole lot of tears will be shed here at Maize n Brew for Johnson's departure for the following reasons:

  1. He's more of an athlete than a cover corner.
  2. Johnson seemed more interested in the prospect of playing WR than DB, and frankly Michigan needs the help at DB.
  3. I really wasn't expecting him to commit. All the crap on the Rivals and Scout boards seemed designed to make money rather than actually inform.
  4. I think Warren's a better fit for Michigan.
  5. It's recruiting. You never have a clue what a 17-18-19 year old kid is going to do until he does it. And when the kid does it he's probably more surprised than you are.
It would've been nice to grab him, but Warren's puts Michigan where it would've been had all the recruiting cards fallen as everyone predicted. In another piece of "oh well" news WR Rashad Mason took a look at the mountain of wide receivers on the Michigan roster and said "you know what, thanks for the offer, but I think I'll go somewhere where I'll actually, you know, play" and  chose UNC. Not really that big a loss as Michigan is truly stacked at WR. That leaves Jerimy Finch as the only fish in Michigan's pond. We should find out from him soon.

On the positive side Michigan got a great commit for the 2008 class in Army Junior Combine MVP and Detroit Cass Tech star DB Boubacar Cissoko. A straight up 5 star DB to start off the 2008 class is never a bad thing. Woo!

Hoops Recruiting Looking Strong, But 5* Center Drops Michigan to #3 on His List -  Harris and Legion continue to rock. However, big time Center target 5* Kenny Frease has announced Xavier and Kentucky as the early leaders for his services. This is a big change from a month ago when Michigan was named his top choice along with Xavier. Couldn't have anything to do with how Courntey Sims hasn't improved in four years, could it?

In other news, one more columnist finally realizes what we've all been thinking this season, NIT=Amaker's gotta go.

Has It Been Fifteen Years Already? - Unless you're Todd Bridges you probably can't imagine what it feels like to be off probation after 15 years on it. The University of Alabama, the college football world's current version of Willis, has finally, quietly served its time and is officially off the NCAA's probation list.

Congrats Bama. But always keep in mind you're one booster away from going back into rehab.

Classic Carr - A lot was made of the revelation that Lloyd Carr negotiated what amounted to a $300,000 buyout in his contract should he cease to be Michigan's head football coach after July 1, 2008. Michael Rosenberg now wonders what all the fuss was about. The reality, according to Rosenberg, is:

He had to alter the clause at some point if he wanted that bonus after he retires. It makes sense to change it sooner, just in case something unusual happens (like a national title or health scare) and Carr changes his mind.

I'm inclined to agree with Rosenberg. Carr's got a lot of years left in him. I had the pleasure of meeting Lloyd at the Michigan Sport-o-Rama in Chicago prior to the holidays. He remains just as passionate and excited about being Michigan's head coach as he was when he first took over. There's still a spark in his eye when he talks about players past and present. And when the cameras aren't rolling, he's as affable a human being as I've ever met. Hell, he spent ten minutes talking with my me and my wife (a ND grad) about Michigan's game against the Irish this September.

Lloyd's not going anywhere. And I'm grateful for that.

Herrmann Revisited - Get the tar and feathers! Michigan Football Saturdays says

[Ron English] did not accomplish anything with this defense that Coach Herrmann would not have achieved.

Well, looking at the statistics, he may be right. MFS provided a great breakdown of the 2005 and 2006 defenses that's well worth a look. MFS also points out the obvious question, why aren't we as mad at English for the late game collapses against OSU and USC as we were with Herrmann?

It's an interesting look at the seasons.