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Surprisingly Competent Michigan Team Falls Short Of Ohio State

Michigan Drops Close Game to OSU, 76-63

Well. They almost did it. In what was arguably Michigan's best game of the season, the Wolverines came up 8 points short of an upset. Ohio State beat Michigan in Columbus 76-63 behind Mike Conley's 27 points and "limiting" Greg Oden to 17 points and 7 boards.

Frankly there are few things I can really point to for criticism.

Michigan played EXCELLENT basketball againt the full court press. The played decent defense against a very good Ohio State team. Michigan shot well. They managed to find good shooting positions and moved the ball very well. Epke Udoh is now in the starting lineup. Period. They only turned the ball over 9 times and compiled 10 assists! And to top it off Sims played his second straight good game and didn't turn the ball over once!

If I have issue with the game or coaching, it was with Ron Coleman's total inability to play defense and Jevohn Shepherd's mediocre (at best) play.

It was a great game for Michigan. I enjoyed watching them play for the first time this year. They didn't make the mind numbing mistakes that have driven me nuts.

The game bodes well for Michigan's last few games. There was certainly a home court advantage for OSU, but if Michigan plays the way they played against OSU for the rest of season they actually stand a good chance of making the tournament.

The key word in that sentence is "if"