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Arrington's Future Getting Cloudier By The Moment

With Hat Tips to the Wiz, EDSBS, and MGoBlog

Whenever bad news like this hits the internets, you're inclined, if its your team, to wait for the nonsense to sort itself out and the truth to eventually bubble to the surface. Unfortunately, the information that is seemingly constantly filtering to the surface in Adrian Arrington situation is not good.  

Two days ago during his spring presser Lloyd Carr dropped a medium sized nuclear warhead on the heads of Michigan fans everywhere by saying the Arrington would not be participating in spring practice and that his return to the team was "possible but not probable." Also included in that statement were the futures of Eugene Germany and Carson Butler.

The Wiz is reporting that while Butler and Germany both appear on Michigan's recently released returning starters list, Arrington does not. His absense is fueling speculation that Arrington is no longer a member of the team and that his playing days at Michigan are over.

Mgoblog broke the news yesterday and EDSBS ran a story today indicating that while Arrington is off the spring roster, that does not foreclose the possibility of him returning this fall.

I'm not taking such a rosy view of this situation. There are allegations floating in both private and public places of some serious transgressions on Arrington's part. These sorts of things are not handled lightly by Carr. While kid gloves have been used in the past with players like Brian Griese, when was the last time you heard the name Scott Driesbach?

I certainly wish the best to Adrian in righting whatever wrong he's committed, and if he's done nothing wrong that his record and named be cleared. However, until then, all we can do is continue to search the internets in hopes of finding more information.