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Amaker Fired!

No words. Should've. Sent. A. Poet...

It's St. Patrick's day. I'm not at work. I'm drinking. Amaker gets fired.

This could quite possibly be the best day ever. I think I'll punch the first guy in a mock turtleneck I see right in the face to celebrate.

More on Monday. I'm too drunk with beer and happiness to write coherently.

Update [2007-3-17 16:35:44 by Maize n Brew Dave]:

Nathan Fenno and Jim Carty rock the house. Within an hour of the Martin Press Conference they've got an interview with Martin up on the Ann Arbor News. Go There. Pay them homage.

Here are a couple of tidbits to wet your appetite for knowledge.

Q: What message do you have for your fans today?

Martin: One, they should all thank Tommy for his services to Michigan. Two, that I take seriously Michigan's basketball programs, men's' and women's. I want us to win. I'm very competitive. But I want us to win the Michigan way and make darned certain the kids who wear the block M are kids we're proud to have wear it, who do well in the classroom, the community and on the court.

Q: It's safe to say you're looking for NCAA appearances instead of NITs?

Martin: Isn't everybody?

Q: What if a candidate questions your outdated arena and lack of practice facility?

Martin: I will say we have hired a consultant who is at this moment working on the infrastructure components of Crisler Arena. We will be able to involve that new coach in this process going forward. I will not give a timetable. We do not have a project. But it's a wonderful opportunity to be a part of it. Furthermore, I will say that it's my believe Crisler Arena is not the end all and be all to having a successful program.

Seriously. Carty and Fenno are the best for getting this up so quickly.

Recruiting Update:

Grady "devestated" but hasn't requested to be released and is playing the waiting game to see who gets hired.

Legion isn't going anywhere.