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When Did Michigan Turn Into Florida State?

What the hell is going on inside the football program? Three players were put on "double secret probation" for on/off season transgressions and now two are on their way out the door. What's even worse was there was nothing secret about their probations, Carr announced it at his spring press conference.

As I'm sure you're aware Mgoblog has all the details on what happened, but the long and short of it is Carson Butler and Chris Richards kicked the crap out of another student in West Quad for little or no reason. Eugene Germany got caught with a dime bag of weed and appears to have received his transfer papers from Carr. This was Germany's third infraction in a year and a half.

Going into spring practice it was well known that Bulter, Germany and Arrington were in Carr's doghouse. There were also rumblings that all three were breathing their last gasp of Ann Arbor air if they didn't clean up a fly right. The idiocy of Butler and Germany is something to behold, but the brunt of my disgust is leveled at Butler. While possession of a federally banned substance like pot is a felony in some states, I'm not going to condemn Germany for possession. Too many other morons are carrying around a brick of hashish and don't get caught. But the majority of those people aren't already on College/Career life support. I'm just sad the kid couldn't get his act in gear and threw away a free education and starting position for a $20 bag of weed. Dumb and sad is the only way I can describe Germany's position.

Butler's actions however, have no place anywhere. If the stories in the papers are to be believed he and reserve CB Chris Richards kicked the crap out of a fellow student for no reason. Assault and Battery are big boy charges. Bad news. Jail time. Even if someone says they saw your mom with a horse you can't get up and beat the hell out of them. I'm sure that was explained to them when they came to Ann Arbor, and if it wasn't the school is doing their students and players a disservice by not telling them. As a player you're going to have people poke at you from time to time, and regardless of how you feel, the only place you can take it out is on the field. What's more troubling is the allegation that Butler wasn't even involved in the original incident and simply joined in the stomping. The third person, Richards, is a nobody on the football team. Playing mostly special teams Richards notched 5 tackles all year.

Despite what was a stellar season on the field a subset of Michigan's players are doing their best to erase the progress the team made last year by the actions off it. It doesn't stop at the college level either. Massive waste of space/talent Gabe Watson convinced his high school coach to co-sign for the purchase of a Dodge Charger, then left the coach to pay for the damn thing. It's getting to the point where Ohio State can not only point to a better record on the field, but claim the moral high ground as well. And that, my friends, will make my head explode.

So, to recap, three players are gone. Butler, Germany, and Richards all gone. The only guy left on the initial list of "watch your ass" is Arrington.

Let's all pray he was paying attention.