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New Kids on the Block, Michigan Style

Occasionally here at Maize n Brew, I like to direct my readers attention to the new faces and places that pop up in the blogosphere, Michigan related or otherwise.


If you haven't already been there, head over to Bless You Boys, SBN's incredible Detroit Tigers website run by long time friend of Maize n Brew's, Ian Casselberry, who also runs Sweaty Men Endeavors. Ian's doing excellent work at BYB, so make sure you check BYB out for all your Tiger's related info needs.

A link that is long overdue is long time reader and commenter Reed's (aka: other andrew) site Fighting the Youth. Funny stuff from his one word movie reviews to Schwarzenegger Sundays. FTY is not a sports site per se, but it is a culture site. Well worth your time.

Just what the 'sphere needs, another lawyer. Except this one's a Michigan Law student so we'll cut him some slack. Scott Warheit, the current Detroit Tigers blogger and a former Detroit News sports writer has opened up a second shop at Quo Vadimus. As you know, Maize n Brew policy (which I should eventually get around to writing) keeps me from talking politics, Scott's site has no such prohibitions. Scott takes a crack at everything Detroit Sports related and anything else in the news. Excellent stuff and definitely worth your time to read. (Oh, and in typical lawyer speak, this link does not constitute an endorsement of Scott's political views, just his website.)

If you're looking for Michigan paraphernalia that doesn't feed the massive beast that is the Michigan Athletic department and the Nike Corporation, check out AmaizeingTs.

Another net newbie is Michigan Freshman Ace Anbender and his Detroit/Michiganish site, The Ace of Sports. Ace is just getting started in the 'sphere, so check him out and lend some encouraging words.

If there are sites you check regularly, or sites that are just getting started that you think people should know about list them in the comments below or email me at MaizeNBrewDave-at-Gmail-dot-Com.