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Kevin Grady Officially Done For Year, Tears ACL

As MGoBlog first reported, the Free Press and Rivals are confirming that Kevin Grady tore his ACL in practice  on Saturday. Grady's injury is a major hit to Michigan's depth at tailback.

Mike Hart sat out the entire spring after undergoing left shoulder surgery. Carlos Brown moved to cornerback and is being reported by the MSC and Rivals to be on his way to an SEC school. That left Brandon Minor and Grady as the only scholarship running backs to see playing time this spring.

Now there's just Minor.

Incoming freshmen Avery Horn and Vince Helmuth provide some depth, but Helmuth is a fullback and Horn will need plenty of time to learn Michigan's blocking system. My hope is the injury will convince Carlos Brown to stay. At this point he's Michigan's third string back and will see playing time as a result. However, he's from Georgia and I can't blame the guy if he wants to transfer to be closer to home/actually see the field.

Rivals did an excellent job of breaking down Michigan's crucial positional needs following what has been a brutal spring. With Michigan hurting at running back, wide receiver, tight end, and cornerback, The Wolverine did an excellent job of cataloging Michigan's options.