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Final Spring Practice Roundup

One of the difficult things about running a Michigan Blog out of Chicago is trying to stay on top of things when you're a minimum four hours away from your subject. So when exciting things like, oh say Michigan's Final Spring Practice come around, you've gotta comb the papers and the message boards to find out what happened. The good news is there's always plenty of information out there to pass along.

News of Note:

Justin Boren is the new starting Center. No word on who will back him up. As Boren's a lefty, any switch to a new center for injury or breather reasons could become dicey. Just something to watch for.

Carlos Brown officially back to tailback. He wasn't at practice but appears to be staying put. His speed will come in very handy as a change of pace back.

Link Round Up

Michigan Daily
An excellent round up of the day's events.

The Daily also put together an excellent look ahead to Michigan's Position Needs for the upcoming season.

The Free Press
Mark Snyder discusses Michigan's Motivation following an 11-2 season.

Snyder also comments on the professional way in which Chad Henne has approached this spring, a spring where almost everyone he played with last year was absent. Also included was a brief Mike Hart comment on Arrington's future.

Arrington's missing-in-action status for the spring due to off-field problems has left him uncertain for the fall. But the players have continued without him.

"We don't let those things affect the team," Hart said. "When he comes back, we'll be ready for him."

So that means he's coming back?

"I hope -- you have to ask Coach Carr."...

Keep your fingers crossed.

And, of course, The Free Press spring practice wrap up.

The Detroit News
A short piece on Michigan's injury forced youth movement. Also includes a great wrap up of the position changes and Spring Standouts.

Despite all the injuries, the Detroit News reports Carr is pleased with the hungry attitude his players have shown. With all the new faces seeing time on the field this spring this may translate into some strong position battles in the Fall. Also of note from the article, Steve Schilling is finally mono free and recovered from his shoulder injury. Carr was reportedly, "very impressed with what I've seen from him."

Ann Arbor News
Like everyone else, the Ann Arbor News reports Michigan's freshman and underclassmen were on full display Friday. Greg Matthews drew considerable praise at the end of the spring session. Despite a lack of break away speed, Mathews could become, dare-I-say, a Jason Avant type receiving threat. We can only hope.

The Ann Arbor News also has a comprehensive position switch update to let you know which switches actually stuck this off season.

Brian was there, he observed. Always worth your while.

Michigan Sports Center

Sean at MSC went as well and took photos of everything. Really. Everything. Top notch work. He also produced and excellent practice recap.

Varsity Blue (With video!)

This year's award for excellence in blogger-stalking-kick-ass-coverage goes to Varsity Blue for not only attending the Spring Practice , but also producing Ryan Mallett video.

Excerpts from Lloyd's post practice presser. Summary: "Yea! No one else got hurt!" Also of note, nothing new on Arrington or Bass.

The Wolverine also has a breakdown on the defensive switcheroos for this season.