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King Udoh Speaks on Harris and Grady

Excellent work by Michigan Daily reporter Daniel Levy. In an article addressing new coach John Beilein, Levy asked a couple of Michigan players the question on everyone's mind, "are Harris/Legion/Grady coming?!" Levy managed to do what no one else has, get a response. A positive one.

King Udoh told Levy he's spoken with Kelvin Grady and Manny Harris on several occasions and,

"They ain't leaving. They're coming."

So quoth King Udoh. You may rejoice.

On the other side of the coin, neither King Udoh or Beilein have been able to reach Alex Legion quite yet. However, since the King is infallible, the matriculation of Harris and Grady would seem to bode positively on the Legion front.

Take it all FWIW.